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#2 Product of the DayMarch 04, 2019
Our productivity tool is aimed at individual users who want to project manage without all the team features. Create Kanban boards, write notes, upload files & more all in one project.
  • Andy Holmes
    Andy HolmesWeb Developer, Designer & Photographer

    Easy to use, very nice design


    The odd random redirect on login (apple favicon url?). Other than that, nothing!

    I really like this, we use Basecamp & Team Week at my workplace so have plenty of experience with project management tools and this is SERIOUSLY nice to use. The design is so clean, the UX is near perfect and the features are really nice too. I'm definitely going to be using this for my personal work and hopefully at my workplace too! Great job Dan & Team, keep it up!

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  • Mikey
    MikeyLead Developer, Fifteen

    Really nice and clean design, easy to use.


    Tweets section could be more relevant

    Really nice and clean design, easy to use. Good work @iice89 and team :)

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Lee Crosdale
Lee Crosdale@leecrosdale Β· Senior Web Developer - Laravel / PHP
A really easy to use productivity tool. Nice and clean UI. Good work @iice89 and team!
David Thorpe
David Thorpe@theskaterdev Β· Developer who wishes The Shire was real
This is actually quite nice. I get a Basecamp type feel from it but at a non ridiculous price point for people like me who interact with clients a lot but don't have a huge team to co-ordinate. It strikes the perfect balance tbh. I can't warrant $50 a month for something like Basecamp when something like Frme (Frame I think?) charges a tonne less AND you get a kanban board. Devs love Kanban boards. Thanks teeammmmmm <3
Adam πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»
Adam πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»@mradamwood Β· Founder & Developer @ Viaduct
Killing it Dan. Good to see a freelance / solo user dedicated productivity tool.
Adam Tony
Adam Tony@adam_tony Β· 21
Look awesome!
Daniel πŸ’»
Daniel πŸ’»Maker@iice89 Β· Web Developer
@adam_tony Thanks !
Daniel πŸ’»
Daniel πŸ’»Maker@iice89 Β· Web Developer
Hey i'm one of the makers of Frme, our tool is designed and created for individuals looking to organise work or side projects in a productivity tool that doesn't cost the earth to use monthly. Our app allows you to create multiple projects and within each project organise everything from uploads , bookmarks , kanban boards and more. Since we are aimed at individual users we stripped out team features so you wont be asked via notifications what your working on or find your self caught up in a discussion with your team. We hope you like ! any questions , ideas or feedback we would love to hear it all. PS. Its pronounced 'Frame' as we had several ask ;) Thanks, Frme team.