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Our productivity tool is aimed at individual users who want to project manage without all the team features. Create Kanban boards, write notes, upload files & more all in one project.
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A really easy to use productivity tool. Nice and clean UI. Good work @iice89 and team!
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This is actually quite nice. I get a Basecamp type feel from it but at a non ridiculous price point for people like me who interact with clients a lot but don't have a huge team to co-ordinate. It strikes the perfect balance tbh. I can't warrant $50 a month for something like Basecamp when something like Frme (Frame I think?) charges a tonne less AND you get a kanban board. Devs love Kanban boards. Thanks teeammmmmm <3
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Really nice and clean design, easy to use. Good work @iice89 and team :)


Really nice and clean design, easy to use.


Tweets section could be more relevant

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Killing it Dan. Good to see a freelance / solo user dedicated productivity tool.
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Look awesome!
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