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What a shame... Products like this make me sad. Is it actually going to help anyone? Doubt it. Will it make people feel bad about themselves? Most likely. Why do we continue being so shallow? I totally understand that first step of attraction to someone is most likely their looks. But to then add a 'popularity' contest to it. Assign 'winners' and 'losers'. I mean, seriously?! Why would you want to be gamified like this? If you were in a bar and same thing happened, the 'attractive' people had to go one side of the bar, the others to the other end. It sounds ridiculous because it is. I imagine the people who use these apps are exactly the kind of people I wouldn't want to be matched with. And I wouldn't put my 'attractiveness rating' in the hands of anyone who thinks this is a good idea. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder still always trumps. If I put a picture of myself on the internet and asked anyone and everyone to rate me, would I likely feel shit after? Probably. No matter how many good comments I got, it would only take a few bad ones to get to you. I. Just. Don't. Get. It. @tanktopjosh what's your attractiveness rating on the app?
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@bentossell Hey Ben, we get a lot of strong similar first reactions until people FRIVIL themselves. Have you given the app a shot? It's not our intention to hurt your feelings. In fact, we haven't really gotten much complaints from our user base in that regard. I'm ranked in the thousands but it doesn't bother me to be honest. I like seeing how I do everyday, I compare my ranking to my friends (and investors) and take friendly jabs at them when I beat them, I switch up my profile pic to see how different ones do, I check my matches every night and if I like them I send 'em a message.
@tanktopjosh Unfortunately as I strongly disagree with the the point of the app I won't be downloading it. Of course it wouldn't bother someone being ranked highly. It would bother someone who consistently was ranked low. Why would they use the app? Everyday seeing that someone didnt think they were very attractive? Not a great product loop IMO. My feelings aren't hurt at all. I just think it's a real shame that some products take this angle. Totally get that using Tinder you are judging someone visually and thats often as far as you go. But it's not so in your face 'People think you are ugly' - who would want to even expose themselves to the possibility of that?! Interested to hear what your user numbers are like. How many users come back often? How many come back after getting negative results vs those getting positive results?
@bentossell Sorry, reply to your comments below. Added a new comment accidentally πŸ™ˆ.
@bentossell Does the app actually say "People think you are ugly"? I don't see that anywhere. I think the app is fun and funny. It's not for everyone, and that's OK. I think you're reading more into how you feel about a human behavior than this specific app. I also think you're being exaggeratory in your judgment, and being dramatic takes away from your point. Some people like rating and being rated, and I don't think there's an objective level of disgust that can be reasoned.
@thetylerhayes I don't think it needs to say that, but it certainly implies it in scenarios. totally get that it's not for everyone but I'm voicing the opinions that I'm sure many will share. Even the business insider article referenced above points in the same direction.
Co-founder of FRIVIL here. I'm 1/2 of our American-born co-founding team that is currently residing in India (long story, don't ask). The idea behind FRIVIL is straightforward - find out how attractive you are & match with people as attractive as you. How does it work? Simple, you tap on who you find more attractive πŸ‘†, get to see how attractive you are πŸ‘€, and every night at 9 PM we match you up with people based on that score πŸ•˜. The "seeing how attractive you are" part seems to be engaging people the most thus far. As the great philosopher Kanye West once said, "we're all self-conscious, I'm just the first to admit it." πŸ™ We've built a sexy dashboard and everyone seems to really like finding out their daily score, who they won/lost against, and switching up their pic/caption to see how their score changes. Anyway, Go FRIVIL Yourself 😎. PS - Yes, I'm prepared to be ripped as "superficial", "judgmental", etc. Business Insider did something like that but ended up revising their headline ( I'll keep it πŸ’― with the PH community, so go for it.
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If I could downvote an app, I'd downvote this. I agree wholeheartedly with Ben: this is just a lousy thing.
@zefareu 😰 Can we at least have some sandwiches? 🍞 Missing a good sandwich here in India.
@zefareu this seems like it took a lot of work to create. It's sad that effort couldn't be used to create something that would actually benefit society.
@tanktopjosh -- Lack of a good sandwich is a sad state indeed. If I find myself in your neck of the woods, I'll absolutely help!
@thejeremycarson @zefareu Hey Jeremy! FRIVIL did take a good amount of effort to think through & create (thanks!). While we may not "benefit society" in your eyes, people certainly can benefit from FRIVIL in their own way - i.e., finding a date/match/chatting with someone interesting.
@tanktopjosh there's a reason FaceMash was such a boondoggle for Zuck.
@bentossell Fair enough. To speak to your point about why someone who isn't ranked as high as someone else would use the app. Well, there's two ways we see it. 1 - Everyone, every night gets at least one match. So they do come back for that out of curiosity and a potential chance to make a match. 2 - Your ranking is consistently changing as new people sign up, you go against different people and you update your pic/status which also provides different results. People have different tastes & we weigh choices. So, for example, if you are ranked low and you went up against someone is extremely highly ranked and you were chosen - you can move up significantly. At the end of the day though, we think in general, people are self-aware and know that they may not be a "Leonardo DiCaprio" or an "Angelina Jolie", and don't let it bother them. It's reality, right? In regards to Tinder, yes we are more "in your face" - you're right. However, I would say people on Tinder would also feel negatively about themselves if they don't make a match/matches as frequently as their friends, or at all in a certain amount of time. User numbers - we are still a fairly new product. However, I can tell you that our DAU:MAU and retention numbers are well above average for a consumer facing product.
So unfortunate. This is pretty much the culmination of everything I don't want our dating culture to be.
@j_ceniza Curious to know what you think our dating culture should be John?
@tanktopjosh that's a tough question. It would be nice to represent looks and personality equally. Obviously it's easier to portray looks via a digital medium so it's the easier challenge to tackle. I definitely see see the appeal of the app, at least for its intended user group, but my main gripe is making it a competition. If I were to create a dating app, my main focus would be to match up users. I wouldn't put too much effort in what is essentially a 'leaderboard' system. Just my two cents. Nothing against it, just not my style.
@j_ceniza Totally respect that, appreciate your thoughts/feedback πŸ™πŸΌ