Better overall health through improved gut health

FRISKA is a family of digestive supplements with a proprietary digestive enzyme blend to help your body break down food, plus clinically proven probiotics to support digestive balance, and beneficial botanicals to support overall wellness.
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I've been a bit skeptical about supplements but my wife (full disclosure, works on the brand) made me take them, yes, that's what marriage is all about. Anyway, I was quite surprised by the results, especially the Dairy Free and Carb Ease. I love dairy products, unfortunately my body doesn't. The side effects of having ice-cream were definitely reduced, if not vanished by FRISKA'S proprietary enzyme blend combined with probiotics that help break down hard-to-digest stuff found in dairy products.
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apart from the inclusion of inulin (see Dave Aspreyโ€™s writing for negative effects that it had on him) and the melatonin content being too high in the sleep one (Stanford studies recommend 0.3mg vs the 3mg included here), it looks like v good ingredients. from the packaging design i thought would be gummies filled with sugar