The app that makes your cat talk 😸

#3 Product of the DayDecember 29, 2017

You've always wanted to know what your cat has to say? Frimousse allows you to scan your cat to find out.

Fun jokes? Love declarations? Who knows…

The app is free! You can call your cat to the sound of his favorite food, use Frimousse stickers in your Messages app (for iOS only) and enjoy 3 theme packs (in-app purchase): Kids, Christmas, Grumpy Cat

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12 Reviews4.2/5
I tried both on my cat and my dog, it works when to the cat, but has no response to the dog. Very funny! I vote it for the most lovely app of 2017
Thank you so much @shellehs !
Aaaaw thanks @shellehs 😻 Frimousse works only with cats at the moment (our AI only detects cats).
@celinektwitt Are you guys intending on developing the app for dogs or sticking just to cats??
Hi @kydyzyx we’ll see how it goes with cats first. Developing the app for dogs is not planned yet but why not ;)
Love this. Now I need a cat.
Thanks @rrhoover, you can scan the Product Hunt kitty if you want 😸😸😸
@rrhoover you don't have a cat? Bit surprised, am I. I assumed it was a pre-req for working at PH. ;)
We are proud to launch Frimousse on ProductHunt today! Feel free to comment and give us feedback 😻
I haven't downloaded the app yet, but it looks humorous! Is there some kind of a trial or limited-free version to look at?
Hello @aparkhills, the app is free. You can download it right away and discover what your cat thinks 😼. Please let us know...
@davidcliquot Ahh okay, sorry about the misunderstanding! One of the screenshots displays a price. Maybe you need to emphasis a bit more that the app is free. ;)
@davidcliquot @aparkhills It's a in-app purchase model
It's working really well, beau travail :)
Thanks @zedtux ! We appreciate. Our team has been working hard to embbed the Artificial Intelligence right on your mobile device (it does work offline).
@davidcliquot Yes, I confirm, it's really impressive!!