FriendSwipe for Tinder

Browse your Facebook friends Tinder profiles and swipe

You want to find out who of your Facebook friends have Tinder or just curiously seeking for that specific one to swipe. No matter what your case is, with FriendSwipe for Tinder you will have the list of your Facebook connections to swipe left or right.

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I matched with the person in the preview photo in LA O_O
@alexkehr I remember you! LOL
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@lucy_guo 😳 😳 😳
Login was broken for ~2 minutes there, if you're having trouble kill the app and open it again! (and ping me, if you continue to have trouble)
@caschy are you able to login to the Tinder app itself? A couple of my friends who couldn't log in to Tinder were also unable to login to FriendSwipe (and to be clear, their accounts had been broken for weeks before)
@jarredsumner Tinder works, Social is on..... (FriendSwipe only shows a flame...loading)
@caschy I'm sorry about this. Can you try killing the app and opening it again?
@jarredsumner have done it a dozen times
Seems interesting. Any plans for Android?
@cosminbaluta It's in the works! I built this using React Native so making it work for Android should be quick
When is it coming for Android?
This is brilliant and a little terrifying. Amazing work Jarred! What was your inspiration for building this?
@jon thanks Jon! I wanted to swipe on a friend but I couldn't find him on Tinder. I didn't wanna just wait for tinder to show him, so I started exploring ways of getting the list of friends and then figuring out how to swipe programmatically
@jarredsumner @jon Sooooo.... did you guys end up going on a date?? I like how your idea of a solution was to build an app vs. just ask him out. πŸ™ƒ
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