Tinder for friendships among women

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"Real friendship only exists amongst women" Really?:)
@oleg_avrah Yeah... *scratches chin pensively*. I see the benefit of parametrizing their market, but I don't see how insulting those outside of their intended audience would help them.
@kixpanganiban @oleg_avrah You could be right! I told our marketing guy to change that headline a bit.. Thank you 😊
Hey PH girls! πŸ™‹ This only for women community is the new app which lets female friendships grow. Make nice acquaintanceship with other women nearby! Start joint activities like shopping, cinema or sport with the integrated activity feature. It is specifically targeted at modern women offering its users the opportunity to have potentially matching female friends nearby suggested to them while filtering the results according to various criteria such as age or distance for which the user is looking for companions. This App is only for women πŸ˜‡ What do you think about it?
Obviously not in the target market here, but noticed a typo in the 3rd screenshot in the App Store listing, "interesting profil".