Meet new friends to join your friends, tonight

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Hey PH! Can't believe we made it to PH! I"ll be here all day answering any questions you guys have about FriendsTonight and nervously looking at my back end. Edit: Ahh! We're on @HackerNews as well!!! If you have any feedback please feel free to email me at
As I get older, there are two things I miss most about youth- meeting new people and spontaneity. I made FriendsTonight to solve them both. It's hard to meet someone alone, that's why we stress the concept of groups meeting groups. Groups are less awkward and more safe. How it works: -Create a request to hang out with groups nearby. -Your request lasts until the end of the night. -If the feeling is mutual, make plans to meet! -When the counter reaches zero, all chats and likes disappear.
@insamshead where are most groups being created today? What have you seen?
@rocketclubco @insamshead - Hey Erik, so far not too many new groups because of PH. But our current user base is mostly in NYC. Surprisingly, we also have a lot of users in SE Asia.
@insamshead how's it been going? Thinking about Weave...
Ahhh we're on businessinsider!!!!!
Cool mash-up.