Improve your relationships by improving your memory.

Friendsome helps you Improve relationships by improving your memory. The benefit is you form stronger bonds with everyone you meet. Acquaintances, clients and even friends. (And, It's free!) For more on how this product came about take a look below...

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Eager to try this out. I feel like social media (especially Twitter) has made it more difficult to remember peoples' names and even faces as I'm interacting with sometimes 100's of people every day. I'm curious where the inspiration came for this idea, @learnux. 🤔
@rrhoover but then possibly the problem is the mass that you are communicating with. Wanna really see you entering 100's of profiles into such a friend profiling app all day long 😂
@rrhoover Hi Ryan! First, Thank you so much for Product Hunt! We’re so grateful for this resource and the continuous inspiration the contributors here provide - and we’re really psyched to have the opportunity to post here! Second, thank you for the comment and great question. About a year ago, out of frustration, my wife and I decided to create an app that would help us remember important details about the people we met. We were tired of going to the park and seeing people we'd met before, and liked a lot, but forgetting their names. Or seeing friends and absent-mindedly asking them questions about things they had clearly told us about before. Or seeing coworkers or clients and doing the same. Or going to the salon, coffeeshop, or doctor's office and forgetting the names of the friendly and helpful people who work there, etc... etc... This was annoying and embarrassing, and, at worst, could even be coming off as disrespectful. We wanted to find a way to overcome these brain-farts because remembering a person’s name is a great way to show that they matter to you, and remembering details about them helps you get closer, faster. And, being close with people is not only good professionally, but also makes us happier, Right? :) As far as products which inspired and motivated us, shortly after beginning work on this project, I saw an app called "Remember" here on PH, which was optimized around remembering names. (It's a great app with a specific focus). We wanted to address the name problem as well, but also capture other meaningful details about relationships too (children's names, etc..). Sales tools have also been a source of inspiration - Salesforce, Pipedrive, Streak, etc... (We think Friendsome can help people doing relationship-focused sales, and wanted to learn about that space too.) Thanks for the question! -Brendan
@helmi @rrhoover Hi Helmi, Great point. If you have a ton of relationships, you might need to prioritize, and just focus on the ones which are the newest or most important, right?
Reminds me of the recent "Friend CRM" Monica.
@chrismessina - Hi Chris! Yes - A few other folks we've shown it to have compared it to a CRM, like "Salesforce for Friends" :) Thank you for sharing the link to Monica! Going to check that out now ;)
Cool! would love to have it on Android. The "Need friendsome for Android" is buggy, it opens a new tab without the form but when you come back to the original tab, the form is there. Tried it on a Macbook using Chrome.
@arturo_ojeda Hi Arturo, Thank you so much for the feedback. Sorry about that! Will add that to our bugs in Jira ;) And will definitely let you know when we have Android out!
I can relate to this. Thanks a ton for making. 😍
@wasim Great to hear that, Wasim! Thank YOU for checking it out! Hope that you find it helpful ;)
@learnux thought about taking this to the next level with a browser plug-in that allows you take notes for Twitter/Facebook/other networks contacts?
@m_obretenov Hi Martin, Thank you for the comment. What a cool idea!!! Going to share that with the team and think about that one! )