Friendship Socks

Celebrating Friendships Through Social Sock Gifting

Friendship Socks is a social sock sharing platform. By utilizing social media, Friendship Socks lets you connect and send a gift to friends anywhere in the world.

As weird as it sounds... I love socks... But I am picky with the socks I wear. I like a certain thickness, prefer them to be colourful and obvs gotta be soft. I'd like to be able to choose my own type of sock from a certain shop and do it that way via this platform... granted that changes this product a lot 😂! Why on EARTH is there no sock emoji yet?! I will accept these socks as Xmas gifts from those struggling to pick out anything for me!
Interesting concept, would love the ability to customise the design for special occasions (anniversaries, holidays, etc.)
@piero_ruiz Hey Pedro. Thanks so much for commenting. The range of socks will only grow, and we do have ideas on releasing designs based on special occasions, dates and holidays.
This is a nice take on the classic defacto "I-didn't-know-what-else-to-get-you" gift. Plus, colours!
@benwilsondesign ha. Thanks Ben. Revamping the traditional sock gift is one of our main goals. It's a classic gift but sometimes can, unfortunately, be seen as 'thoughtless'. We're trying to change that!
@sean_rainey @benwilsondesign Totally agree! LOVE socks - I definitely think women shy away from the sock gift, but they're fun, useful, and feel very personal.
@linistern Exactly Caroline. And there aren't many better pleasures in life than sliding on a new pair of socks. Truly tough to beat.
Not really a surprise if you tell us about it 😉
@bryantpeng Things have been revamped Bryant and now it's a surprise pair for both friends! A mystery until arrival.