Friends 11

Pick the best football (⚽️) team from your Facebook friends

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Hi everyone - Friends 11 allows you to select your best all-time soccerball line-up from your Facebook friends. Pick a captain and team formation, plus, if you’ve played with a Slowcoach, Hardman or Prima Donna you can assign these badges - and many more - to those who deserve them. (@rrhoover might notice a special badge just for him…) Then share your team, tag your team members and let banter commence. We’re delighted to be able to offer the Pro version to Product Hunters, so go wild with those badges. We’re excited to get it into the hands of more soccerball fans!
We had trouble uploading the .gif, so, um, it's here!
Great team! Cool that this is a hack week project too. ✌️🍵👯