Friendly Streaming

All your fav streaming services from the comfort of your Mac

Friendly Streaming is a simple and elegant video browser to watch your favorite movies and TV shows on your Mac.

▶ PICTURE-IN-PICTURE that works with most sites

▶ VIDEO ADJUST Brightness, Saturation on any stream

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Netflix only streams in 720p on most browsers in macOS so this is a great alternative. Picture-in-picture is a great plus too.


None so far

On which browsers does it stream in 720p?
Feature requests: 1) Remove the services dropdown menu and put this menu in the menu bar. Additionally, either assign a keyboard shortcut to each service or allow me to define my own keyboard shortcuts for each service. For example, Cmd-1 could select Netflix, Cmd-2 could select YouTube, etc. Since I only use YouTube and Twitch, I'd appreciate being able to assign these services to the Cmd-1 and Cmd-2 keyboard shortcuts while not assigning shortcuts to the other services. 2) Clicking the menu bar icon for Friendly Streaming should show/hide the application's window. I shouldn't have to first click on the menu bar icon and then select the 'Turn Friendly Streaming on/off' option. Instead, a single click on the menu bar icon should show/hide the application. I shouldn't have to click twice. 3) Opening the Preferences window and then selecting the 'Always Keep On Top' checkbox suddenly makes the Preferences window disappear. The Preferences window cannot be accessed again until the main Friendly Streaming window is minimized or closed. This is a terrible user experience. When I check the 'Always Keep On Top' checkbox, the Preferences window should not disappear. It should stay on top of the main Friendly Streaming window. 4) PIP mode is broken. A)There's a gigantic service toolbar at the top of the PIP window that takes up an enormous amount of screen real estate. This toolbar should be hidden. B)The video is never positioned correctly. The bottom of the video is always cut off, which requires scrolling down in order to view most of the video. However, even scrolling down does not display the full video because the PIP window is too small. In order to view the full video, the PIP window needs to be vertically stretched. Here's what I see when I try to use the PIP feature:
I'd suggest this website as an alternative Works way better for me. As all the new movies are there to watch for free and without adds.