Friendly Reminders

Easily share food preferences and dietary restrictions

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@lajeunesse88 tell us the story here :) Merry Xmas eve!!!
@bentossell Hey Ben, Merry Christmas Eve to you too! So this all started because my mom made someone sick because she forgot he couldn’t eat chicken. I did some research and found out that 50% of people have some kind of dietary restriction and I thought to myself there has to be some way to remember this all. I couldn’t find anything so I created Friendly Reminders. Friendly Reminders lets you share your dietary restrictions and your food (and drink) likes and dislikes. Additionally, it helps you remember information about events you hosted or attended like what you wore, what you ate and what gifts were exchanged. So if you need to keep track of all the gifts you receive this Christmas, you can do it on Friendly Reminders :)
I've felt this pain before when organizing a meetup with friends. It always sucks when we have to either re-order a pizza because of allergies or an unexpected vegetarian feels a bit left out. It can get awkward The first-run experience feels a lot like a social network but I think it'd be more immediately useful as a collaborate meal-planner (with the social features having less focus) I'd like to know if you have any plans for including meal recommendations based on preferences and if there's a business model for this app?
@sajclarke Hey Shannon. It definitely can get awkward which is why we created this. Thanks for the feedback about the social features. We're definitely planning on providing recipe ideas based on the information on a report. Some of these recipes might be sponsored or include a specific brands products. Additionally, we're working on a version of Friendly Reminders for meeting planners who currently don't have a good way to collect this kind of information.
@lajeunesse88 @sajclarke Thanks for the quick response! Merry Christmas Eve! Seems you're aiming at two different markets here - food & events. Do they really go hand-in-hand?
@sajclarke I’d say we’re really targeting events where food is served.
Great idea!
@womenwhotech Thanks Allyson. I appreciate it!