Friendly Reminder

Never lose touch with your friends, a simple personal CRM

Friendly Reminder is a seriously simple personal CRM. Friendly Reminder will email you reminders to get back in touch with the friends you tend to loose touch with. Each reminder includes any comments from your last interaction and whether your friend's birthday is coming up. Technology shouldn't dilute our friendships but enhance them!

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Hi everyone! Friendly Reminder was created to draw friends and relatives back together. After graduating university and a few house moves around the country I realised I had lots of great mates who unless we made the effort to stay in contact, we would drift apart. I've found that traditional social media now tells me more about brands and the news than it does about my friend's lives; and with whats left, there seems to be an overwhelming amount of data. Friendly Reminder prompts you to make more personal, direct contact with the people you care about. - Data Protection - I deliberately built Friendly Reminder without social logins or social imports because of the recent scares and concerns about who the data of individuals is used and shared. The only data of yours that Friendly Reminder stores is the data you give us. UPDATE To celebrate featuring on Product Hunt there is now a 14 day free trial!
@mattsmith4u is a credit card number required for the free trial? It keeps asking for one.
@nikenn Yes but it's dead easy to cancel afterwards if you change your mind.
@nikenn Part of the reason for collecting card details on sign up is because Friendly Reminder will only begin to really pay off for most people after a few weeks and I'm asking for such a low monthly subscription. All transactions are securely taken through Stripe.
I've seen sooooo many personal CRMs over the past 6 months. Most of them feel a bit heavy with a full-featured GUI for viewing and managing contacts. This feels super lightweight, reminiscent of
@rrhoover Thanks so much! I must admit I love some of the graphs and data that the other personal CRMs I've seen on Product Hunt have but I wanted to make something that didn't distract from the core purpose of connecting people.
I find it to be expensive
@arturo_ojeda It's about £0.10p/d
oops, seem like the product pivot into something else
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Thank you to everyone who's signed up this morning 😀 If anyone has any questions or suggestions I'd love to hear them.
@mattsmith4u glad to try out another one of these.. I haven’t found one that works for me yet. 14 days doesn’t seem like enough time to get value out of the product - I think I’d set most of the reminders for longer than that.
@kgdavis That was my dilemma with offering a trial: knowing that Friendly Reminder's value only really will pay off for most people in the long term whilst wanting to offer people the chance to sign up and have a look around. At the end of the day I settled for a simple product, most people will know within a few minutes if it's for them, at a really low price point just to share the cost of the servers and APIs. What would you do differently?
@mattsmith4u this is a cool concept.