Friendly Faces

An inclusive, illustrative avatar creator.

The goal of Friendly Faces is to create avatars with a personality all their own that are also inclusive enough that anyone can build themselves. We realize we're missing a ton of options based on our biases so please let us know how we can improve.
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What a great initiative @clickpop and @seanmetzgar I just tested it out and have a few thoughts: - the hair shape seems not to move - until I discovered that you had to change the default on for head coverings - it would be great to have a little more granular control over the different options - I really like the options of the square and round formats being able to add a specific hex value for a colour would be great - in the future it would be good to be able to save the avatar and it's settings so we can then adjust it as needs be - and going forward to have more options on hair styles, face shapes etc would be great - and don't forget those of us who are not millennials and may have other shades of hair colour without the aid of dyes e.g. white!
@krishnade Thanks for giving us such amazing feedback. A few of these are currently on our radar; specifically, hex color selectors for severeral key options and ability to save/share your creations. We will also make sure to add a few more styles/color options for hair. :)
@seanmetzgar @krishnade we'll get to work on some of these tonight! Thanks for such thoughtful and helpful feedback.
@seanmetzgar @clickpop You are very welcome
Awesome! Will there be an API?
@dannychickenegg You know what... I think now I need to rethink the roadmap a little bit. We'll keep you posted!
We really hope you enjoy Friendly Faces and can see yourself in the range of options. If you can't, please let us know what we can add to fix that, because our overriding goal with this project is to build a tool that anyone can be a part of. Sean and I created Friendly Faces because some friends of mine asked if I could create avatars for them that are like the one I have in my newsletter. I did, and it made them pretty stoked. We wanted to try and scale those positive vibes, so here we are. We recognize that we have all sorts of biases that would cause us to build a limited set of elements to design faces, so we're really hopeful that you'll help us fill in our gaps by sharing what you feel is missing to build a tool that would allow anyone to feel a part. Thanks so much, and we really appreciate you trying out Friendly Faces. Have fun!
Thanks for checking out Friendly Faces! We love that you’re taking the time out of your busy day to play around with our nifty avatar creator. Like Chris said in the video, we want to make this tool as inclusive and diverse as the world around us. Unfortunately, we are just two simple, flawed folks in need of all the help we can muster. If you find that you’re not represented in this tool, let us know! If you CAN create your avatar, we’d love to see your friendly faces out there on the interwebs. Be sure to let us know on Twitter. Use something like #FriendlyFaces so we can all bask in everyone’s uniqueness. Thanks for stopping by. Stay classy!
The UX with the sliders is kind of weird and not optimal for what those controls are doing. It doesn't make if fully intuitive. Is there a reason for using those UI controls?
@whoisjuan I'd love to hear your thoughts on how we might make this a better interaction. What we really wanted to allow was the ability to quickly see your changes take effect and give feedback on how things were changing when you hit "randomize." Thanks so much for taking the time to offer your thoughts.