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FriendFund is a group travel platform that makes taking trips with friends easy. Find a trip, start saving, and invite your friends for better pricing.The native iOS app partners with travel providers worldwide to offer one of a kind trips worth saving for with the best group rates around.

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Rick James! Chatas
Rick James! ChatasMaker@sayheyrickjames1 · Founder and Designer @FriendFund.
Thanks for hunting us @gk3! Hi everyone 👋🏽, my name's Rick and I'm a co-founder @FriendFund. We're a new iOS app that makes saving and planning group travel easy. Here's how it works! - Find a trip to start saving for. - Create an account. - Securely link your bank and choose your Roundup amount. - Invite your friends for group pricing. No deposits. No deadlines. No drop outs. We've written about how we started on Medium here: We're also here all day to answer your questions and here your thoughts, so let us know if you need anything. Hope to travel with you more soon!
Emmanuel Guisset
Emmanuel GuissetHiring@manuthan · founder at Outsite
Great product! I am not app guy but I would definitely use this to save for my next leisure trip! Morocco 2018 for me!
Darshan Gajara
Darshan Gajara@weirdowizard · Product Designer
Interesting concept for sure. Would be great to see your strategy for user acquisition.
Rick James! Chatas
Rick James! ChatasMaker@sayheyrickjames1 · Founder and Designer @FriendFund.
@weirdowizard thanks for asking! Here's a few things we're working on: - We'll finish our Android app in the next few months to make sure all your friends can start saving. - We'll launch in Europe in early 2018, allowing even more access. - As it stands, each time you share your trip and your friends join in saving, your individual trip price gets lower. We'll continue this, adding even more incentive as we go - even lower trip rates, fund matching, etc. Hope this helps out. Thanks again for taking the time to ask @weirdowizard 👋🏽
Donald M.
Donald M.Maker@theawkwardduck · Freelance Sports Camera Operator
Save for a vacation without realizing it and avoid group travel nightmares!
Patrick Dugan
Patrick Dugan@doog · Product Designer, Quora
A dope idea, dope implementation, and an even doper design to boot. What's not to love?