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Friend Theory is a map-based app that connects you to your friends of friends and your community buddies network so you can always find and connect with a trustworthy connection anywhere in the world.
  • joaquin ibanez
    joaquin ibanezMaker in the Shopify Community

    I used to rely on Yelp to get to know a place, now i meet people through this.(Tinder is not the type of relationship i look for).


    I am not fan of the Couchsurfing philosophy, thankfully this service is moving away from that into a Network to meet people.

    Knowing a new country or city is something that I love, sadly cannot do it as much as i would love. Its a completely different the experience when you know someone and this is the simplest way i know to do it, facebook groups used to be useful but every time i get into them they feel like a flea market, everyone selling their own stuff

    joaquin ibanez has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    You can connect with people around the world, using your or your friends network, which is awesome, secure. Communities are a plus!


    It can be improved if we all spread the voice and the map will be full of new connections!

    I think the best part is that you can connect with your friend's network, so you can rely on that relationship and the experience with that person will be better. Communities are awesome, they let you connect to people that it's difficult in other way.

    Pablo Ocaña has used this product for one month.
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Adrien Montcoudiol
Adrien MontcoudiolHunter@adrienm · Mobile Growth & UX Design
Truly a great idea to help people connect with locals while traveling! Love it.
Carlos Costa
Carlos CostaMaker@carloscosta · Cofounder @FriendTheory
Thanks for hunting us @adrienm ! I'm Carlos, one of the founders of Friend Theory and we are very excited to be on Product Hunt today! Our goal at Friend Theory is to inspire and make travel accessible to everyone. Traveling helps you put life into perspective and opens your mind to what the world is like outside of your comfort zone. We hope that by connecting you to your friends of friends and likeminded people around the world, we will break down the barriers of traveling. Fear of the unknown is one of the biggest travel barriers and through Friend Theory we are making it much easier to get on a plane knowing that you have a friend when you touch down. We are a very passionate group of friends working on this, in fact we spent 40 days around Europe staying with friends of friends testing an early version of the concept, and have been evolving the concept to a more social product ever since! I'd love to hear your thoughts, and if you have any questions or feedback feel free to email me at
Carlo Spada
Carlo SpadaMaker@carlo_spada · Cofounder, friend theory
@adrienm Thank you so much Adrien! 🙌🏼 We are 3 friends who one day decided to start building the product we would've loved to have when we started traveling the world. Today our community is already spread across 155 countries and we're so excited to help fellow Hunters to connect with each other while traveling :)
Hari Amogh
Hari Amogh@hariamogh · Designer, Photographer
Been following these guys since the beginning. This is a brilliant solution to finding cheap stays and connecting with locals around the world! Kudos, you guys! @carloscosta
Carlo Spada
Carlo SpadaMaker@carlo_spada · Cofounder, friend theory
@hariamogh Thank you so much Hari! Always exciting to hear from our pioneer members 🙏🏼Exciting times coming up at Friend Theory!
Carlos Costa
Carlos CostaMaker@carloscosta · Cofounder @FriendTheory
@hariamogh Amazing! We just created a Product Hunt community within Friend Theory, if you want to join it the password is "producthunt" :)
Marc Calvo Burriel
Marc Calvo Burriel@marc_calvo_burriel · Enjoy discovering new
Astonishing idea to meet new people while discovering new geographies
Carlos Costa
Carlos CostaMaker@carloscosta · Cofounder @FriendTheory
@marc_calvo_burriel glad you like it!
Carlo Spada
Carlo SpadaMaker@carlo_spada · Cofounder, friend theory
@marc_calvo_burriel Thanks Marc!! Feel free to send us any feedback you may have! 😊
Guillaume Prévost
Guillaume PrévostMaker@guillaume_prevost · Curious mind, French dev, traveler ✈👨‍💻
I'm so glad our App is now out here after spending the past year building up the website then the App, trying it out travelling around the world and meeting with amazing people, old and new friends! Very happy to see people getting around this idea and the love being shared! 💕
Alexis BARREYAT@alexisbarreyat · just send it
Congrats @carloscosta !