Friend Hunt

Get desktop notifications when your friends comment on PH

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Hi there! There are many insightful people on PH, who you want to read content from, disregarding which product this is about. Sadly, you will miss those insights most of the time because you just don't look at every single product detail page. Friend Hunt was made to allow you to receive (deactivable) desktop notifications when those people comment, and list your recent notifications in the extension. You're now sure you won't miss the latest insights about product design. Or you may just be warned when your friends join a discussion in order to chat with them :) Hope you will find it useful!
@oelmekki Great to see this go live! Olivier was kind of enough to let me test this out over the last few days and so far it works really well :)
@oelmekki this is awesome. I checked it out the other day :) It's something we have discussed before in-house with the team...
@alangarrec Thanks Alan ;) Glad you like it!
@oelmekki Coming through clutch again connecting people! Looking forward to using this my friend!
@bentossell Actually, this is something I had in mind after PH team asked us for feedback on MakerHunt :) Figured I will make it as an experiment, I can provide usage rates in a while if you want to figure out if it's worth building as a core feature ;)
I love your projects, @oelmekki. You're building things we should probably build ourselves. 😊 Trying this now! UPDATE: just installed the extension. How come you don't auto-follow everyone I follow on PH right now, Olivier? Did this just not make it into the scope of v1?
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! See them as a laboratory, I can provide data about which work and which don't ;) EDIT: about autofollow, like I said to Ben, I didn't want to do it because you would get notifications like every ten minutes if you follow several thousand of people. But I like the idea from Jeff to add a list on /following to quickly batch follow!
Awesome, will go comment follow you now! :-)
@danielkempe Ahah, thanks, have a notification, then ;)
Very nice, the social interaction between people you follow is definitely something that is lacking right now in PH, but they're working on it with the new home page etc etc.
@david_diam Thanks David! Well, have a glimpse of the future right now ;)
@david_diam we're working on social annotations -- showing which of your friends have upvoted or commented on something on the homepage -- in addition to curating content through your social connections. Perhaps we'll add an "upvote by your friends recently" section on the site. 😊
Another great extension made by @oelmekki 👏👍
@clemkn Thanks Clément :)