Fridai is the gamer assistant built for gamers – by gamers. With voice access – a natural extension of gaming - we create voice enabled tools for gamers and transform the gaming experience to be frictionless. Welcome to the world of truly personalized gaming.
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It can take screenshots and videos…. Vaporware at its finest!
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@stijn_d3sign Thanks for this comment! We wanted to launch the product with minimum features so we could see what people think about it. We'll keep on improving it and add more features to avoid the "vaporware" status. We hope you'll check it out after 6 months, too! Also let me know if you've ideas for new features, I'd love to hear your feedback.
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Dafuq is that? Try to sign up and it immediately wants my fb data without explanation. Where the hell are these upvotes coming from?!
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@vladimirkusnezo Not sure what you mean. I didn't get asked for FB info...
@vladimirkusnezo This seems to be a bug :/
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Hey @vladimirkusnezo ! This is very interesting, if you want to come to our Discord and talk more about this issue I can look into it!
Well maybe with the proper levels of development this could get somewhere but obviously will need a lot of features.
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@mintdice New features is comming :)
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@mintdice A lot more! Thanks for looking into it and should you have any ideas for features, do let us know!
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Keep calm and Hello Fraidai :)
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Finally some legit gamer stuff! Very nice, looking forward to new features and deep integration with games!
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