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#2 Product of the DayAugust 09, 2019
Fridai is the gamer assistant built for gamers – by gamers. With voice access – a natural extension of gaming - we create voice enabled tools for gamers and transform the gaming experience to be frictionless. Welcome to the world of truly personalized gaming.
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It can take screenshots and videos…. Vaporware at its finest!
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@stijn_d3sign Thanks for this comment! We wanted to launch the product with minimum features so we could see what people think about it. We'll keep on improving it and add more features to avoid the "vaporware" status. We hope you'll check it out after 6 months, too! Also let me know if you've ideas for new features, I'd love to hear your feedback.
Dafuq is that? Try to sign up and it immediately wants my fb data without explanation. Where the hell are these upvotes coming from?!
@vladimirkusnezo Not sure what you mean. I didn't get asked for FB info...
@vladimirkusnezo This seems to be a bug :/
Hey @vladimirkusnezo ! This is very interesting, if you want to come to our Discord and talk more about this issue I can look into it!
Hey Hunters! Happy to speak about the product, here's a little intro for it: Gaming is an epic experience. We give games our full attention, because we love immersing in them and our focus is needed to command the various elements, allies and even the complex tools we have at our disposal and we're constantly looking for game related info even while playing. Anything that disturbs the gaming experience is super frustrating. We realized how cool voice assistants are for our home, making our lives easier. Now we want to bring the exact experience into gaming! Right now Fridai works with screenshot and video commands, such as: Fridai, take a screenshot Fridai, short video We're developing more and more skills and want to make Fridai a true gaming companion, where she understands the context of the game that's being played and is private by design. We're looking forward to hear your thoughts, feel free to ask away! :)
Looks cool but is it actually live? It doesn't do anything when I attempt to sign up.
@xstex it is live, i think that is a bug or something, please join the Discord so We Can help you :)
@xstex Hi! We are truly sorry. So.. To fix that you can try multiple browsers since we found a problem when trying to sign up on microsoft edge. If problem persists, i need to ask you a few questions. 1. Which platform are you trying to sign up from? 2. What browser are you using? 3. Have you got any extensions running on your browser when signing up?
This is an interesting space. We're seeing a number of companies explore computer vision-driven and voice-based approaches to esports training. @mark_engelhardt_hallidai are you building commands or use cases for specific games?
Hi @rrhoover . Interesting space indeed, we want to see how it is possible to build a voice powered companion for gamers rather than focusing on one element - such as coaching. Right now we've a strong foundation built with minimum features, however as we keep developing we'll keep our ProductHunt page updated :)