Exceptional laundry and clothing care products for men

Exceptional clothing care products meticulously designed to smell better, treat your clothing better, and generally be better: for you, for others, for the planet. Boasting a scent inspired by the top men's fragrances, a superior bottle design, & a formula created to be better for your clothing and the environment. Proudly a Certified B Corporation

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Hello Product Hunt Community! Super happy to be a part of this, and would love to answer any and all questions you have!
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Neat idea! I just ordered the classic package and can't wait to try it out
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@mahyarraissi Thanks Mahyar, we know you will love it :) See you later today!
Congrats on launching 🚀 @leif_frey @erin_frey @aidanporter I'd love to hear more about the product development and how you settled on the scents and ingredients.
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@erin_frey @aidanporter @abadesi thank you so much! We've actually been working on this for 18 months now, and have been fortunate enough to partner with one of the top fragrance houses in the US to develop the fragrance, and an amazing R&D team to develop the formulation. We use constant feedback from our customers to tweak the fragrance as well (over 97% of them prefer our fragrance to their previous detergent =) ).
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Loved the product. Though, I found myself being chased after by groups of girls after every laundry day. Should really work on fixing that UX bug.
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@wilfredboston Hahah this is too much, love the "bug"
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Gift for my Hubby


Fabulous and Great Quality


Why didn’t I get it sooner?

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