AI-powered guitar lessons

Fretello is an AI-based music education app that empowers people to express themselves through music by inspiring and teaching guitar in an interactive and fun way. After iOS and Android, you can now learn the guitar on macOS Catalina.
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Hey, Florian here, co-founder of Fretello. I'm excited to announce the launch of Fretello for Mac. Here at Fretello, we empower people to express themselves through music by teaching them guitar in an interactive and fun way. Back in the days, I spent hours evaluating thousands of online and offline guitar tutorials and still needed a better solution. Why? Because none of the existing solutions gave feedback and told me if I was doing things right, where I was making mistakes and how I could recover from that. That’s why we create a smarter way of learning a musical instrument: * Minimizing the time for finding the right exercises for you * Guiding you in executing the exercises the right way, progressing at the right speed and consistently getting better with feedback * Centralizing guitar learning, practicing and playing songs into one tool * Using AI-powered technology to not only analyze what you play but also give you invaluable feedback to progress at your own speed Overall, the method behind Fretello helped me step up my guitar game like I could not have expected before. And today, half a million guitarists worldwide benefit from it. It's free to sign up, so give it a test drive! We'd love to hear your feedback (and criticism), so we'll know how to make this tool even better. Try it out for free, and let us know what you think!
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I have always wanted to learn this instrument and I finally have a chance at learning this without much hassle. Totally recommend this!
@tulip_dutta Thank you for your kind words. Don't hesitate to reach out to us, if you have any questions or feedback!
Do you think your user base increases after including macOS Catalina as a platform, or does your audience prefer to use your app on a smartphone?
@ipgregor, optimizing learning content for small screens always has been a challenge. Since a lot of our users have been using tablets at least in parallel to their phones, taking the app to an even bigger screen was a logical consequence. It gives users the option to learn and practice from their home studio or workplace, which I for example do as well. A bigger screen allows us to display more details. All in all, yes, we do believe that having the possibility to learn with your Mac will increase our user base significantly.
Not only do I love the idea behind this application, but also the fact that it can help me learn especially during these times when I want to learn this instrument but attending offline classes isn't possible. Kudos to the team!
@sudhanjali_sethi Thanks, we recently also started to team up with musicians all over the world to help them make a living for sharing their knowledge.
i really like this product! :)
@aman_goel Thanks for the feedback :-)