Duolingo for learning how to play guitar

Fretello is your personal guitar teacher. Any place. Any time. It gives you fun and engaging exercises, understands how you play and provides you with the essential feedback you need to take your playing to the next level. With Fretello you become the guitar player you always wanted to be.

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Thanks Tosh for hunting us! Fretello helps you learn guitar faster, more effectively, and permanently. It creates individual exercise regimens that are tailored to your specific needs, detects how you play, selects your optimal practicing tempo and adapts dynamically to your progress. Key Features • Creates personalized exercise regimens that fit your specific needs • Analyzes how you play and adapts to your skill dynamically • Well-proven methodology for motor activity training • Guarantees great progress with 3 to 5 sessions of 30 minutes • Practice 5000 different exercises from the pentatonic scale • Learn techniques such as alternate picking, legato et al • Jam to 250 backing tracks from pop, rock, blues and metal • Understand music theory basics to develop your musical skills • Based on musicological evidence Fretello’s unique didactic concept has been developed with and tested by guitar teachers with more than 200 students over multiple years and is based on state-of-the-art musicological evidence. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions related to our product! If you want to know more about our project, please visit us at or contact us via email, twitter or Facebook. Share with us what you like and which features you’d love to see in the future.
How does Fretello select exercises for me?
Hi @__tosh, Wolfgang from Fretello here: Fretello uses data mining to select from a large pool of exercises. Exercises, so-called motifs and sequences, are categorized, e.g. by difficulty, popularity, genre and other aspects. Fretello learns from your habits, asks you what you like and what you don’t like and uses your musical fingerprint to select exercises that fit your individual taste of music.
Any video of how the app actually works? I've wanted to learn how to play a guitar for a long time - and have one - just never find time for it - ie: I'm a complete beginner. Does the app help with getting started or does it throw you right in and "here are some chords - good luck!" type thing?
Hi @mario_a_giambanco, we are currently working on a tutorial video and also a wiki to add some useful instructions allowing you to make faster progress. You can start practicing right from the beginning and no, we are not starting with chords. Instead you will learn some simple motifs and melodies that you'll practice really slow at first to train your muscle memory (from a musicological perspective, chords are not the right way to start by the way) Also you will be able to play along to backing tracks from the beginning. If you have further questions you can also write us an email at and directly talk to one of our music teachers.
How does the app help me stay motivated?
Another good question @__tosh. While your mindset is critical when cycling licks over and over at low speed until you can play them cleanly, Fretello helps to motivate you by providing different backing tracks each week. Backing tracks are basically songs you can play to to put into practice what you have learned. To diversify your training, the key signature varies each week an so do backing tracks. They are dynamically created based on your individual taste of music.
Hey @orliesaurus, @passingnotes, @1greigcranfield, @aboutphilippe, @tariktech, @rogerh1991 and @mmedina8. I saw that you recently discussed about other apps for music education on Product Hunt so I was thinking that you could be interested in Fretello as well... Let me know what you think!
@florian_lettner thanks - saw this earlier and am going to try it out - also going to turn my son onto it and see what he thinks. definitely on the right track putting tabs alongside standard notation since the vast majority of guitarists can't read standard!