Freshteam by Freshworks

Recruiting software for recruiters who want to do more

Good recruiters know how to find great candidates. It's all the other things that they need help with. Tasks that don't necessarily need skill like scheduling interviews and collecting feedback. Enter Freshteam, the applicant tracking system that helps your recruiters focus more on the important stuff: finding great talent.

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Hello! When we realized that 80% of a recruiter's time is spent on operational tasks like debriefing interviewers, coordinating schedules and keeping people updated, we knew we had to build Freshteam. I won't go into feature details - there's a list here ( Play around with the tool a little bit and give us feedback. We love feedback! (We really do!) Freshteam is free for companies with teams up to 50 active employees (we call 'em active if they use the software) so, have fun :) We're around all day for questions.
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This is absolute delight. One step closer to moving from Angellist to this. 💯
Regarding the "Parse Resumes" feature, one pain point I hear over and over from candidates is that they are asked to put together a resume, upload it, then asked to manually fill in the same information again on the following page. Could you talk a little about how you've approached this problem?
@seekwell_io Hey, Mike! We've all been candidates so the minute we started brainstorming over what the application form should look like, we decided the form filling has to go. The basic info from the application form like name and email address gets automatically populated from the parsed resume. Once the resume's submitted, other info like 'Experience' gets parsed and added to their profile as well. So, it's really not necessary to have all those fields in the application form as well. Most ATS-es have candidates fill out forms again to make this information searchable but we used the parsed data for that. And if they've already applied previously, the minute they type out their email address, we'll auto-populate the form with all of their information. I hope this helps!
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@ashpapoye Nice work! I personally would like to be able to just use my LinkedIn page, but parsing the resume works too, good luck!
@seekwell_io Thanks, Mike! As for the ability to just use your LinkedIn page...well, we're working on something ;) Watch this space!
Nice to see an HR software from Freshworks. But, is Freshteam another me to ATS or is there any useful differentiation which helps recruiters & hiring managers? And How different is Freshteam from Other ATS providers (recruiterbox, Zoho etc) and what are the key differentiators?
@anishpadin Thanks Anish! We’ve covered most of the standard industry features for ATS/ Recruitment software viz. Career Site, Job Embed, Customizable hiring workflow, Parsing resume, Hiring Team collaboration, & more.. Here are few differentiators to list. 1. Actionable Dashboards - Recruiters and Hiring Managers have specific job posting(s) tied up to them. To get to their routine quickly, we’ve built dashboard with specific data that they will be interested in, as soon as they login to the system. 2. Freshteam has an inbuilt email server - Thanks to our flagship product Freshdesk. Similar to how the customer support continues to work irrespective of the support agent moving to a different role or leaving the company, your recruiting will continue to happen with 100% context to the new recruiter. 3. 1 Candidate 1 Profile approach - Candidates applying for the same job at different point in time or for multiple jobs through different channels are updated to the single candidate record. One can refer to the timeline activity under Candidates 360 at any time to the get the complete history. Say for instance, if a candidate was rejected 6 months back from some reason, as a recruiter you'll have the complete context why, who was the interviewer and go through their feedback in-a-click. 4. Dropped candidates communication - At every stage a candidate might get dropped for different reasons, but at every drop point a recruiter doesn’t have to remember to send an email to the candidates. Frankly, the recruiters are just a click away from sending the information to the candidate. And Yes, the response can be customized to suit your company. 5. Talent Pool - Promising candidates will not go to archived list that's never revisited. Freshteam does an automatic suggestion of these candidates, when a similar job posting comes up again. 'Job Role' associated to the candidate, does the trick here. 6. Referral Management - In most companies, Employee Referral works big time. With Freshteam, you don't have to be in higher plan to get Referral Management, it is available right from the Sprout (Our Free) Plan. That said, I must admit that we’ve to catchup big time on the integrations and I’m sure we’ll do it sooner.
@krtalk thanks.. the features looks great
@krtalk : Any plans to integrate with a tech assessment platform in near future?
@krtalk @anshulk24 We're working on that. We'll keep you posted!