A messaging app that saves mobile teams time

Thank you for sharing our app Product Hunt! FreshTeam is team location sharing, group calling, and chat. We built FreshTeam for mobile teams. Field sales, field service, field operations -- folks who don't spend the majority of their day behind a desk. We live this life, and we've talked with dozens of other teams who do too. They have a different set of communication needs than desktop workers. Mobile teams are forced to take out their phone to email and call again and again throughout the day for basic communication like “Where are you?”, “Who’s still in the NYC office?”, and “How long until you’ll be there?”… A constant, chat-heavy stream of messenger content doesn’t improve on this. It makes thing worse! FreshTeam’s main value is not that we connect mobile teams for fast messaging (although we do). It's that “One look at your phone tells you everything you need to know.” Less messaging. More getting stuff done. Here’s what FreshTeam shows you: You see your colleagues’ location, whether they are on the move by car or foot, if their battery is low, whether they are on a FreshTeam call...All this information is communicated automatically. Just as you can see all you need to know in one look, you don’t have to constantly take out your phone to communicate. As for privacy controls, you decide exactly who you share your location with and when. You can turn off location sharing at any time. And you can set a schedule for it to run automatically only during work hours. There's a built-in messenger with business-grade group chat and neat mobile work features like voice messaging and HD group calling up to 100 people. We’re live in the App Store and Google Play. We would be grateful for your feedback!