A peer-to-peer marketplace for crowdfunded products

My name is Justin Rogers and I promote crowdfunding entrepreneurs. Let's connect! My company, Freshpreneur, is developing the largest online marketplace to support crowdfunding entrepreneurs grow their brands and networks within an organic crowdfunding ecosystem. This marketplace is intended to bring revenues to crowdfunding startups faster and cheaper than if they were to do so alone. Anyone who has successfully crowdfunded a product can create their own shop in the marketplace and begin making money immediately. Freshpreneur's Marketplace is for crowdfunding entrepreneurs, crowdfunding enthusiasts, and those interested in indie or niche products. We hope that you enjoy it.
@justinhrogers Hi Justin. As a tinkerer myself, I love discovering unique products. I hope this becomes wildly successful. Can't wait to follow the growth!
@katnguyen thanks for the support! This is a community effort and we want the crowdfunding and entrepreneurial community to embrace and build this.
Crowdfunding crowdfunding #Meta...Very best of luck to you 🎉
@eonpilot thanks for your support!
there are a couple of major players here in china doing exactly this - on the chinese crowdfunding sites. :) chinese players get 45days to deliver the product from when the crowd funding ends to getting it in peeps hands too, then their products are moved into a section on the major ecomm sites for public to buy etc
@tony_anastasi Which ones do you mean? Thanks
@tony_anastasi thanks for this information. I am curious, do these ecommerce sites redirect shoppers to the respective products' sites to purchase or is there an integrated shopping cart to handle purchases across multiple vendors? Freshpreneur marketplace will have an integrated checkout (no redirects) and rely on dropshipping from each vendor.
@justinhrogers like amazon, only much bigger
@tony_anastasi Chinese kickstarter. This is so cool. Thanks for this. Norwegian kickstarter: Its not as ambitious as the chinese kickstarter 🤣