Freshly Pressed Socks

Socks don't come more colourful than these

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Love these...only wish they made them in a smaller size. Ladies with feet smaller than a size 9 love socks too!
@joelle_writes Freshly Pressed ankle socks have just arrived! Made specially for ladies, FP ankle socks also contain rubber grips at the heel so they always stay up. :)
Thanks for your feedback Joelle! Socks for ladies will be in soon, so do keep a look out and sign up for our mailing list! ;)
Hello awesome PH people, Freshly Pressed Socks was started by a group of us because we wanted wanted fun and well designed quality socks but didn’t want to overpay for them. We also have this belief that socks are like your secret identity; it’s that small detail and part of your outfit that reveals your hidden side to the world (when you sit down and people can catch a glimpse of your socks). In our stash of socks, we have a series called Heroes Assemble (http://www.freshlypressedsocks.c...) that are designed after The Avengers and our Dynamic Duos series (http://www.freshlypressedsocks.c...) designed after Batman and Robin. Would love to hear your feedback and any suggestions for new designs :)
Hello Product Hunters, our new designs have just freshly arrived, including two designs of ankle socks for ladies. Just for all of you, use discount code PHSPECIAL to get 10% off your purchase! (Valid till 8 Aug)
Hello fellow product hunters! If any of you happen to be at SXSW 16, do drop us a note and we'd be happy to meet and pass you a pair of special Austin socks we designed for the festival! :) More info over at: https://www.freshlypressedsocks....