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🛠 The project: Ever been in that 😕 catch-22 situation where you need experience to get a job, but you can’t get a job without experience? Or maybe you want to go into a new field, or you just graduated from College or University? FreshJobs sources all the entry level and junior positions from across the web and puts them in one place. When you click the ‘apply’ button you are taken to the source site to apply. I’m still adding more sources so over time it will grow larger with more jobs across more locations. If you have a job site you'd like to integrate with FreshJobs please let me know! 💡The idea: The idea for FreshJobs came when a friend told me a few weeks back after I finished project #1, “hey man, you could probably apply for some junior dev jobs now", so I decided to check the internet out of curiosity to see what there was. I noticed that there was no specific place which had a lot of these types of jobs, so project #2 was decided right there and then. I truly hope this website can help you find a new job that you love. For those struggling to get a job because they don’t have experience, it will be a true pleasure if you can find a job. If you do find and get a job via FreshJobs, please let me know! 🙏 👋 Me: I’m on a mission to learn to code by making 6 projects in 6 months (this is 2/6), with my final project being at the end of the year in December. The dream is to live from these projects by that time and help people across the world 🌏You can follow me here to see how I do: 👉 All feedback and bug reports are much appreciated. Go easy on me, I am still a total newbie dev! 😇
Hey! I just took a look at your Twitter, love the fact that you are new to coding, I'm starting to do exactly the same! What technology did you use for Freshjobs? I absolutely love that it sources jobs from elsewhere and the simplicity of the job board is perfect (similar to great product hunt jobs I know!) mind sharing your coding journey (how are you learning) and the specifics of this project? would really help since it is my dream!
@danirogerc Hey Daniel! I've built FreshJobs on vanilla HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, SQLite with just a tiny bit of JQuery. My journey in a nutshell looks like this: A year ago I did 1 month of learning JS on a site called Code School. Then after that I started working with a company in a position unrelated to coding, so I did no more code for a year (and forgot most of the JS I had learnt). Earlier this year in May I left that company and decided I wanted to get back into code, in June I decided to just go ahead and build things to learn. Since then it has just been Youtube videos and Stackoverflow, no courses. I've also never had any formal education related to computers or programming. Before I started this project around 2 weeks ago I knew basically nothing about PHP or SQL databases, I had some good knowledge on JS from my previous project as it was heavily on JS backend. I'm totally learning everything as I go. In a few days I will write a Medium article on building FreshJobs (just like I did after project #1 last month). For my third project I am considering to video log the journey (as I have a background in film making so would be good to merge the two!). Anything else I can answer let me know! Message me here or Tweet @ me any time you please :)
Nice idea to have jobs for newbies because there are more newbies everyday who look for jobs than professionals and newbies also face more challenges while finding and getting jobs. Your website looks good but I see few UX problems with your site. 1. Infinite scrolling 2. Input field (text) is not very much visible (color + size issue) 3. Subscribe button doesn't have hover effect & cursor used specifically for hover effects. 4. Also, (Post a Job) is like a CTA for your site it should be more visible. (shouldn't blend in) Advice (use colors like red, blue etc for your CTA buttons) and for hover effects use the brighter or darker version of that same color. ~~~ Now, let me explain why infinite scrolling isn't best. When a user gonna visit your site next time he wouldn't remember where he left off last time. Also, he has to scroll way to much again to reach to the spot where he left off last time. He also have to remember the name of the last job he was checking out last time and you know that it's hard because there are going to be jobs with somewhat similar titles. While on the other hand pagination helps in remembering on which page your were last time and you can easily go there with just 1-click. (while Page 1 hold mostly new content) There are many other benefits for using pagination as well but I guess I don't have to mention all of them. Infinite scrolling is very useful with various sites but for your site it's not the right choice. Good luck with your project.. 👍🏻
@venomrunsdeep3 Hey, thank you so much for your valuable feedback. I have made the placeholder text bigger on the search fields, set the cursor to change and put a hover effect on the subscribe button, and then I have made the 'Post a Job' stand out more with a clearer hover effect also. I'll look into pagination. I've not done it before so will take some time if I implement this. A plan I have is to allow users to log in and favourite jobs they are interested in which should alleviate the issue of finding jobs again on the infinite scroll. My initial choice for infinite scroll was that it's good to keep users browsing on the site. Thanks again for your feedback, it's much appreciated.