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Hey Product Hunters, thank you for checking us out! We have worked tirelessly to build a personalized feed that provides users with trending videos, breaking news, funny images, articles, gif’s, activities, gadgets and more. The app works by scraping your Facebook profile (interests, likes, shares, etc.) to determine what content is most relevant for you. The more you use the app, the better we are at serving you personalized content. We would love to get feedback from the Product Hunt community and hear what other improvements and/or additional features you would like to see in FreshFeed, thanks!
Very cool idea! Any chance it will support other social networks (for interest scraping) instead of Facebook, like Twitter? :) Otherwise, my FreshFeed would be quite boring as I don't really use Facebook for news.
@alexchiri thanks for your comment! We started with Facebook Login but we'll be adding more social networks in the near future like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram... Anyway I suggest you to try it out because not only the algorithm interprets very well the information but also because to be honest there is not much "boring" content in the app. If you find time just login and please let me know what you think after that. Thanks a lot. Jose.
@jocegr I will try it. The reason I asked is that I don't really use Facebook, so if there's not much activity, then the app cannot know what are my interests.
@alexchiri I can see that and is completely understandable. We have something for those cases like yours... and of course the more you use the app the better content you get.
Great for boring commutes!
Twitter login please! My Facebook feed is just a bunch of junk videos and memes.
@objective_b thanks for your comment! Twitter login is in our Product Roadmap. #ComingSoon What other features would you like too see in the upcoming version?
Very awesome idea. First off, I'd like to say thank you for including an Android version as well as IOS :). Along with the other people, I would like Twitter login at one point. Otherwise, the app design looks great and the landing page does a great job of explaining the app!
@techvoltz thanks a lot for such encouraging feedback! We decided to go with Android as well, there was no real reason to leave it out. (and to be honest, one of the Founders is an Android fan lol)