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Nice design, but extremely annoying that clicked-links are held in a framed-mode, where getting to the destination page's URL seems impossible. I tried sharing a link from one of the stories first by long-pressing on the title (nope, not a link, so can't copy it) and then on the destination, but nope, the URL was for the source on Freshest, not the individual article. I'll stick with Techmeme until link click- and copy-ability are added!
great feedback @chrismessina, thanks! we just bootstrapped a "go to the original content" link at the bottom of the iframe, check it out! >>
@edwardschults super, thanks for the fast response!
Here are a few benefits: - there's only fresh resources 🐟 - you're not tempted to scroll over and over 👷, you get to actually read stuff 📰 - you regain the smooth feeling of discovering interesting stuff without having to dig too deep 🎇 - you manage easily the sources you want in your feed 👌 Oh and by the way, it's collaborative, you get to add your own sources 🚀
Hunting @tchret new product, Freshest – here's more about it from the very own maker's mouth: "Freshest brings you the latest stuff from your favorite sources, in real time. It's a short-lived batch of resources from the modern web, continuously curated." and Quibb => Must Adds =)
@laurenholliday_ thank you very much, we'll add them shortly :)
Freshest focuses on the very latest piece posted by each of the sources you selected. You can scroll down, but this time it will be different: you'll never have more posts than the number of your sources. 🃏 @virtualgoodz: Thanks for the hunt!