Fresh Lids

Prevent Food Waste and Save Money with smart labels & an App

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Ri Caragol
Ri CaragolMaker@ritec · Web Developer
Hey there Product Hunt! Fresh Lids is a product I invented that minimizes food waste and saves money by tracking and organizing food with an app and the help of QR code labels or the barcode labels on your products. Fresh Lids will then send you notifications before perishables expire. USers are also able to discover recipes for the items they have in the fridge so they can better utilize them before they go bad. We waste about 25% of the food we buy and Fresh Lids would like to help reduce this number... and of course, you save money since you actually eat what you buy instead of throwing it out. This product is currently on Kickstarter and I am trying to raise enough funds to finish the project and deliver it to the masses. Check out the pitch video, here is the link in case you are interested: Thanks! -Ri