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#4 Product of the DayNovember 24, 2019
Be first to discover the next great read. privately matches you with high-quality novels and short stories before they’re published. You get free, great reads and authors get insights and analytics that help them polish their final drafts.
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Hello Product Hunters! 👋 I’m super excited to share what we've been working on, and thrilled to bring a new way for authors to test and iterate on their work! We’ve received over 4,000 stories and novels so far, and we’re now ready to open the doors to readers. How It Works • Our app matches you with 20 stories to start, you can swipe to save or skip a story. • We use your swipes, opens, drop-offs, ratings, comments and feedback to help decide both your next matches, and who else should be reading the stories you’ve read. • Authors get a detailed report on their work, readers get good quality writing for free. We aim to keep 80% of your matches as rated, high-quality work, and 20% as brand new, for you to be one of the first to discover. It’s very fun to use, and the writing is fantastic, give it a try - I’d love to hear your thoughts! Coming Next Our vision is to become the go-to way for authors to see their work published, to be the first step after a final draft is ready. Publishing is a tough business, even more so for smaller houses and literary magazines. We want to help them thrive. Our next phase is a match-making platform between authors and agents, publishers and editors so that wherever an author chooses to publish, can help.
Hey I love this. I have a poetry book, how would I become a part of the writers side?
@edisonjoao6871 Thanks Edison! Authors can submit for free at We're currently only taking fiction, although we do have plans to expand to poetry and non-fiction in the future.
@matt_brindley2 please keep me updated. Interested. Finishing up my poetry book
I didn't realize how much I loved shorter fiction writing! I generally read more nonfiction, so it was nice surprise when I quickly got into several fiction pieces, one after another. It's really made a wider range of fiction so much more accessible. 👍 Also, the onboarding is also super helpful for both curating the content but also setting great expectations for the type of stuff I'd be reading. 👍
Hey guys, I tried this and it's very cool! Congrats to the team. Also, lovely design! Here is some feedback, hope it helps: - It would be nice to add support for the iPad and iPad Pro (my case). - Remembering parts of the long vertical text can be hard. Maybe adding some dots on the side scroll line with hotspots or sections could be helpful (or section dividers every once in a while). - A search feature could be really useful.
I'm also an iPad user and would love iPad support.
@alelepd Thanks for your feedback, Alejandro! Great suggestions. We're testing out our tablet apps right now. We have some smaller quirks to fix, but hopefully it won't be long.
How is this different from Wattpad?
@titusdecali Hi Titus, I'm glad you asked! As you know, Wattpad is an open story sharing platform where you can search and find any story published on the site. I very much admire the social platform they've built. They're doing super interesting things! is a new concept, centered around beta reading. Readers are part of a select, small group of people who are matched to a story. Even the most well-received stories on are never matched to more than a few dozen readers. The stories remain exclusive to the beta reading group and are never made public or searchable. Because the writers on the platform are looking for final test readers before they send work off to agents and editors, the stories are often of the quality and style that you'd find in a book store or a literary magazine. We initially match you with 20 stories, which you can choose to save or discard. We analyze the feedback you give to authors and use that to improve future matches. If we find a reader isn't a great fit for the platform, we stop matching them to beta stories. One of the most unique things about is that in addition to reader feedback and ratings, we give authors detailed and powerful analytics on saves, opens, and drop-off rates from target readers. This gives them a sense of how their work would do in the real world, helps them improve their work. If you've not beta read for an author before, it's a fun and rewarding experience! makes becoming a beta reader much easier and more enjoyable by ensuring you're matched with the kind of writing you love. Plus, you get to read great content for free!