A mix-and-match illustration library of a diverse range of characters and objects
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Hi Product Hunt! FreshFolk is a free illustration library of a varied range of people and objects. They come with a bunch of different skin colours, clothing, positions and clothing. There's also a variation of different background elements that you can mix to create a range of different settings, from an office-type setting, to a nature walk, or a living space! I hope you enjoy using these, let me know if you need some custom designs!
Amazing, thanks a bunch for this! I think it will help devs like me who are helpless at making any kind of illustration. I need some catchy visuals for my side project(s) and this should do the trick.
@brbcoding Hi, I'm glad you like them! Looking forward to seeing how you use them!
@lenikauffman – hey, I really like the illustrations, but I am missing some kind of privacy information on what will happen with my email address after entering it on your page. It would be fine for me to subscribe to a newsletter or something like that but I'd like to know beforehand. Also, you are not using an SSL certificate which is advisable when asking for any private information. As is, the website is not compliant with European privacy law (at least from my non-lawyer perspective) ... Cheers!
@voneff Hi Alex, I'm glad you like my illustrations! I've just updated the website with a privacy policy. I need an email because I want to update people on this, and future illustration projects. I'm looking into the SSL certificate.
Really beautiful work Leni!!
@moloneymike Thanks so much Mike! Glad you like it!