Fresh Candidate

Search through speeches from presidential candidates

This is cool. I helped a team during startup weekend social impact trying to do this, but glad you created it. We need to be more informed on these issues. Sharing it, thanks!
@urbansonyarants Hey Sonya, I'm glad you think it is cool! We do too and hope that this can be a tool for peeps to really dig into political speech. Please give us all the feedback you can, and lay it on thick! Who were the folks trying to do this at startup weekend? I'd love to see what they think!
@stephensonsco I'll definitely provide feedback. Unfortunately the folks at startup weekend working on this idea discontinued it, so I'm even more happy that you're doing it. I'll help spread the love.
I'm a Maker of Fresh Candidate! I'm really glad to see the post on PH and hope to field all the questions and feedback you've got. What do you think Fresh Candidate is missing? Is there anything you absolutely loooove? Let me know!