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found this app a while back. Love the branding of it. Just noticed it has begun to climb the charts.
I played with this ~3 weeks ago and thought to submit to Product Hunt until I tried it. I posted a photo and immediately received several hateful doodles and words directed at me from anonymous users. I wasn't the only one -- several others experience the same thing as evident browsing the feed of submission. I haven't tried the app again since then so maybe @adamceresko and team have addressed it by now. It's hard for me to endorse it until then. It's unfortunate because the concept is really neat and could be used to bring people together.
@rrhoover It's amazing to come back and read this comment over a year later because French Girls has become such a strong community and immediately rids of any negative content.
Thanks @ShaanVP! @rrhoover -- great concerns, let me explain. Each day we move a little closer to a social network where people want to discover, communicate and follow each other. The nature of this will bring French Girls away from it's complete anonymous state. As a stop gap, starting this week we've engaged a team to moderate the content on the platform. This will give us the time to properly build out the proper moderation tools for the community to flag items. Thanks for loving the concept. Give us about 4-6 weeks and we'll in a place for you to endorse :)
Yeah I hit the same thing. My selfie drawing was a random squiggly line. Not hateful, but not flattering either haha Adam - where has the growth come from so far? How did you launch the app initially?
My first impression of this site is awful. So many racist and offensive drawings. There's no way I would come back or recommend it.