The Expedia of freight

The online international freight marketplace, where importers/exporters instantly compare air, ocean, and trucking prices from dozens of freight companies, book and manage shipments online, and benefit from expert advice around the clock.

It's freight made easy, from experts that have automated 1,000+ freight companies internally.

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Hey Product Hunters! Awesome to be here. Freightos is an online marketplace for international freight, where you can instantly compare air, ocean and trucking freight quotes from multiple providers, book them online and manage shipments. $19 trillion dollars worth of goods are shipped around the world (💰💰💰) annually but it takes days to get freight quotes and the results are difficult to compare. When we tried to create the marketplace, we realized that freight providers themselves weren’t automated…so we’ve spent the past four years building a SaaS platform that logistics providers use internally for freight sales, which is the supply side of our marketplace (kinda like the OpenTable model - SaaS Enabled Marketplace). Here to answer any questions! Thanks for the hunt, Chris!
@eytanbuchman Is there any reason the air freight cost of 1 cbm goes from $591 to over $1000 on your shipping cost calculator when I change the weight from 50kg to 40kg?
@nucleics_inc Interesting! The marketplace rates are actually not the same thing as the shipping cost calculator, which is more of an estimate. Can you share what origin and destination you entered? Would love to follow up on what went wrong here.
@eytanbuchman I used the Port of LA to Australia (2025). My wife's business is in the industry so I am pretty familiar with the complications of international freight shipping.
@eytanbuchman How do you view Xeneta? How does it compare to Freightos?
@ehn Great question. We like that they're bringing more visibility to the supply chain. From what I know, they're more of a benchmarking tool for contracted rates than an online marketplace model. Freightos also provides a SaaS platform to large distributors (Marks and Spencer, Sysco) for internal visibility into logistics spend...with some big plans for live benchmarking and actual booking. Still, for the time being, we're definitely complementary.
Very cool product in an industry that's badly in need of disruption.
You know how often I used to need this? Just starting to get back into sourcing some things overseas, but 15 years ago, I needed this. Go back in time and make my previous life easier.
@sacbookreviewer Aye, aye! The reaction we normally get from people is either "where have you been all my life" or a blank stare when we say the word "freight". We like the people like you more :)
Great product and killer team in a space that is currently extremely primitive in its pricing methods. I believe Freightos are gonna make it big.

I've used it to ship board games for Slight Games from place of manufacture to our headquarters.


Easy to input freight requirements and then select a company to fulfill it.


The UI could be more mobile friendly