Freezy Ball

Very challenging and yet oddly addictive iOS Game

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This game is very challenging and yet oddly addictive. Tap the ball and make it jump. Game Modes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The game has 4 game modes - - Easy Mode - Medium Mode - Hard Mode - Expert Mode The Easy mode starts off with the biggest ball size and lowest gravity values. As you go up in difficulty the balls get smaller and the starting gravity is higher. Juggle five times and an extra balls is introduced. Drop a ball and the gravity is increased! The game ends when all the balls have been dropped. The expert mode isn't like the others. When playing in expert mode the ball size is reduced, and you aren't allowed to drop a single ball. One ball drop and it's game over! Scoring ~~~~~~~~~ The scoring is as simple as it gets. One juggle (ball tap) is equal to one point. Points add up to make your final score. The game does include Game Center intergration so you can compete with your friends. Features ~~~~~~~~~~~~ - iOS 9 or later support - Gameplay music - Better sound effects - Randomized silly faces - Flat color backgrounds - 3D-Touch (quick action) - Gameplay modes
Smothered with non-skippable ads before I even had a chance to play the game. Not a great first experience.
@corydhmiller Hello Cory!! Thanks for the Feedback. I have fixed ads issue. Hope you will like it.
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