Bookmarks are pretty terrible.

What if you want to save just a specific set of tabs (e.g. everything to the left or right of the current tab)?

What if you want a way to sort your tabs based on the domain name (e.g. view every tab you've ever saved from

These are the sort of advanced use cases that Freezetab was designed for.

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Hi Product Hunters, I built this extension after years of frustration using Chrome's native bookmarks and a variety of tab management extensions. Here are some of the highlights: 1) Freezetab is designed around the idea of tab groups rather than folders. Normally, when you bookmark a group of tabs a Chrome prompt asks you to pick a folder to place them in. If you don't have a specific folder in mind you might be tempted to dump all of your tabs into a single catch-all folder. Freezetab automatically places your tabs into their own group whenever you save a set of tabs. This gives you a decent level of organization without any planning on your part. 2) Freezetab provides you with a plethora of ways to sort and organize your tabs. You can view your tabs based on the domain name (e.g. every tab from producthunt), on an interactive calendar, from A-Z and Z-A, chronological order, and from greatest to least and least to greatest. 3) Freezetab offers a variety of choices when selecting which tabs to save. You can save save all tabs, the current tab, everything except the current tab, everything to the right or left of the current tab, or specific tabs. Those are just some of the highlights. Let me know if you have any comments, questions, or feedback.
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@ksbrooksjr Great concept, Keith. Thanks!
@ksbrooksjr - this does seems so handy. thank you
I have been using OneTab this exact same way for awhile. What makes FreezeTab different? What is the maximum amount of tab groups that you can save? Dope
@dredurr Thanks for inquiring Deandre! Freezetab includes a variety of features that Onetab lacks. One of the features that I think OneTab users will appreciate is the ability to sort your saved tabs based on the domain name. So you can view every tab you've ever saved from for example. Another cool feature that Freezetab supports is an interactive calendar that allows you to view your saved tabs based on the date they were saved. Have you ever saved a tab on a certain day but couldn't remember the title of the website? Freezetab is also far more performant than OneTab. When you open OneTab, the extension attempts to load a list of all of your saved tabs at once. So if you have 10,000 saved tabs, OneTab will force Chrome to render a list of 10,000 tabs (and their favicons) every time you open the extension, which can take an incredibly long time to accomplish. Freezetab also allows you to customize your quick save settings. If you want to be able to save every tab except the current tab, and then close those saved tabs in a single click for example, you can configure that in the settings. Freezetab also sports a ton of other features missing in OneTab. You can edit the titles of saved tabs, and collapse all your tab groups to view just the titles of the groups. Freezetab has an instant search, and a share function that gives you a plain text list of every url in a tab group (which you can copy and paste). You can sort your tab groups from A-Z, Z-A, oldest to newest, newest to oldest, least to greatest, and greatest to least. Freezetab also provides you with additional ways to save your tabs. You can save just a specific set of tabs (which is useful when you have so many tabs open that Chrome no longer displays their titles). This isn't an exhaustive list of every differentiating factor, but hopefully I've given you a taste of what Freezetab has to offer. Try it out and let me know what you think! Oh and as to the maximum number of tab groups — there isn't a hard limit. Freezetab will continue to save your tabs until it runs out of space to store them via Chrome's local storage API. I would expect Freezetab to be able to store at least 10,000 to 15,000 tabs, but that's just a rough approximation.
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@dredurr @ksbrooksjr Better performance than OneTab is my #1 request! So this is promising. Would be great if there was an option to dump your oldest tabs to a static file, to avoid the local storage API limit. I already have 13351 tabs, and OneTab is using a ton of memory.
@ksbrooksjr - Thank you for making this extension. For the share function you mentioned above, can you please add the title of the page to the url?
Really cool idea and concept. Gonna try it because the problem with tabs is real. :)

If you are someone who aims at productivity and faster management with Google Chrome, this extension can be super handy.


This Google Chrome extension looks super handy! My favorite is the ability to classify links based on domain name.


Would be interesting to see hotkeys/keyboard shortcuts to freeze tabs.

Interesting concept!