Freewrite Traveler

Portable, distraction-free writing tool

Say goodbye to writer's block! Traveler is designed to help you focus on writing. Whether it's your novel, screenplay, or blog, write wherever you go.

✅ 4-week battery life*

✅ E Ink™ screen

✅ Less than 2 lbs

✅ Full-size keyboard

✅ Folding design for maximum portability

✅ Syncs to Dropbox, Evernote, and Google Drive

✅ Zero distractions

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2 Reviews2.5/5
Thanks for the hunt! @russianpilgrim How do I get added as a Maker? Also happy to answer any questions.
@adam_leeb Hey! You are now added as maker. Good luck!
Looks awesome! Congrats, Adam, can't wait to get one...
I like the idea of an ultra-portable, distraction-free writing tool, but for ~$400 I can't help but think that it's much better value to get a cheap tablet with a single app installed and a good Bluetooth keyboard. The screen is so small, the ergonomics are terrible for your neck, it's another thing to bring along, etc. I think if I was going to go down the route of true distraction-free writing, I'd end up just taking a notebook and pen with me and scanning the pages into a digital format later, if necessary. But I applaud the effort and direction. And I really love e-Ink screens.
The video says 30-hour battery life, why’d you write 4 weeks in the description?