Freewrite Smart Typewriter

Distraction-free tool for writing composition

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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I still want a USB Typewriter. Also, my birthday is January 9. Just FYI.
David D. LaCroix
David D. LaCroix@daviddlacroix
@rrhoover And so a hundred thousand "Happy Birthday Ryan" bots were born. > note to self: prepare for laggy internet on 2017-01-09
Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee@dleesta · Product Manager
@rrhoover lol #humblebrag :)
Adam Leeb
Adam LeebHiring@adam_leeb
@rrhoover I just replied to the wrong thread like a noob but yeah, we should film a write-off. You with USB Typewriter and me with Freewrite. Would make for some good footage!
Max Guttman
Max Guttman@maxwellhallel · Educator, artist, writer (they/them) ⚧
As a journalist, writer and college student, this entire concept/product excites me. But as a journalist, writer and college student, this price tag crushes me.
Adam Leeb
Adam LeebHiring@adam_leeb
Hey all, one of the co-creators here. Happy hunting! Thanks for the post. Happy to answer any questions.
David D. LaCroix
David D. LaCroix@daviddlacroix
Formerly the Hemingwrite, yes? Hemingwrite: Digital typewriter for distraction free writing (pre-launch)
Ross Currie
Ross Currie@rossdcurrie · Founder, Brutal TearDowns
@daviddlacroix Can confirm they are one and the same.
David D. LaCroix
David D. LaCroix@daviddlacroix
@rossdcurrie Yeah, the old domain redirects accordingly. I guess you can only bootstrap off Papa H's rep for so long...
Shlok Vaidya
Shlok Vaidya@shloky · Director, Customer Success Operations
$450? LOL. @kadavy likes this $19 thing more but I just bought a typewriter instead.
David Kadavy
David Kadavy@kadavy · Host, Love Your Work podcast
@shloky Indeed! Though, I ended up upgrading to the AlphaSmart NEO, which set me back about $45. I love it, and don't mind at all that it has no cloud capabilities (you can connect it to your computer via USB and sit there while it "types" into a document). The important "product" of such a device is less the words you have typed, and more the connections you have made in your brain.
Aaron G
Aaron G@botolo86
@kadavy @shloky You can find on eBay the AlphaSmart Neo 2 at $29.00 with free shipping! In fact, I just bought one :)