An easy way to keep track of your daily work

Freework is a simple and easy way to keep track of your daily work - for every freelancer. With this app you can track and log your time on the go. You’ll never forget to start or stop tracking your time. The time tracking tool is free to download.

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Hey guys, Honestly a slogan like "The best and easiest way to keep track of your daily work" sets pretty high expectations, and I feel like you’re not there yet. Things like tracking your activity automatically, syncing with your calendar, easily editing entries, notifying when you keep a timer running, reports, etc. I’m sure all of these are on your radar, but for me there’s would be little reason to use your product over what’s already out there. Also I do my actual work on a laptop, so using my phone for time tracking is not very convenient. Personally I would focus on tracking with as little effort as possible. That means automating a lot of things, being on the platform where the work is done (probably Mac menu bar or website), and offering me helpful insights into where I’m wasting time. Hope this helps and good luck 🙂
@mattijsbliek Thanks for your feedback. We are always happy to hear suggestions. :-) You’re totally right! We just released our v1 a few days ago. Now we’re trying to collect feedback from all our users. As you know there is never the best time to release a new product :-) I agree with you that integrations into the daily tools of freelancers (mac, design tools, IDEs, ..) are very important. We started with the freelancing app since it's our central piece. But we are already working on several integrations. This week we are going to release our time tracking bot for slack. The mac app will take a bit longer even though we already laid some first groundwork in our last hackathon. A weekly summary will be released on Monday. A notification(widget) outside the app when your timer is running is in our current sprint :-) The calendar synchronisation is also on our roadmap. We are happy about suggestions on this one because this needs to be as easy and convenient as possible in order to be used. Thanks again for your comment. (Edited the description and removed some parts which might be misleading. Thanks for the hint)
👋🏻 Hi Product Hunt! Finally we made it! Our first version of time tracking is now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. ... and we have more in our pipeline ... The following products/ services/ features are in the works 😊 # Slackbot # Mac-App # Invoicing Give it a try and let us know if you have any issues, suggestions or ideas for improvement! We're excited to get your feedback! Thank you, Niklas

keep it up


Easy to handle, holistic overview, nice design


more features

Good also for ad-hoc research management. Can use it to control my time and also it helps me on pricing further researches.


Clean design, easy to use. Easy o delete old tasks.


Some graphics and analysis on my data would be helpful.

I really like what you're doing there. I can see a lot of good ideas, when they are done im pretty sure you can be a market leader for freelance. Im using this tool everyday and i really like the ux/ui its so simple and easy to learn.

Will recomend you to my friends


First tool ill really use as a freelancer. A lot of good ideas, keep up the amazing work


Think about tracking more than one task at the same time