Free estate planning for the people and causes you love

FreeWill will build your legal will online, for free, in 15 minutes. If you want to, include a gift to a non-profit that’s important to you. FreeWill users have already committed more than $50M to charity!

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Wills/estate planning has been a thorn in the side of the medical industry for years, to the point where even the prospect of a solution warrants an entire Planet Money podcast. FreeWill comes out of Stanford Business School, focused on helping anybody quickly build a will and even donate part of their net worth to charity. Kudos team! 👏
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Thanks so much for the intro, Nick! We are so excited to officially launch as part of the ProductHunt community. I run product as a cofounder of FreeWill along with @patrick_w_schmitt and @helen_zou. We’ve done over 600 interviews of lawyers, financial advisors, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and normal people in the ecosystem, and here’s what we’ve learned: (1) People think estate planning is complex, expensive and scary. (2) Baby boomers are super savvy at navigating the online world of banking and taxes. And they like it! Online estate planning isn’t just for millennials. (3) People want to be charitable in their estate planning, but don’t know how. So we built an online estate planning product that’s: (1) Easy, free, and warm. (2) For everyone - boomers to millennials. (3) Makes charitable giving easy. Send your feedback and questions our way! Thanks, Jenny
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@jennifer_xia hey Jennifer, congrats on the launch and this looks great. How do you plan to differentiate your company from Willing?
@mbrwolff Great question, Mary! Willing is a great site, and we appreciate what they've done to de-stigmatize doing end-of-life planning online. The biggest way FreeWill is different is that our product is free for all consumers, while Willing has paid tiers.
@mbrwolff In addition, our big company mission is to move $1T into nonprofits through charitable bequests. We think it is an underinvested area of fundraising with $30T set to pass hands in the next two decades as the baby boomers pass away. We want to make it super easy for people to give to causes they love!
This is awesome - thanks guys for creating this. Can you tell us more about how much time etc. it takes and what info you need.
@rish_says Great question, Rish. Our average user takes around 12 minutes from hitting our landing page to completed will. We make sure to ask for the minimum information needed in order to produce a complete and well-drafted legal will. This includes information such as martial status, age, location, nuclear family, etc. Hope this helps!

Highly recommend it to anyone looking to put together their will.


Great product, very user friendly with a great mission.



One of my end of year goals is to setup a will (maybe a trust). Will check this out.
@rrhoover So exciting to hear!