Better keyword targeting suggestions for Twitter Ads.

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Paul Shapiro
Paul ShapiroHunter@fighto · Director of Strategy & Innovation
If you've ever used Twitter keyword suggestions for their Ad platform, you know it's a waste of time. The suggestions aren't very good. This tool helps bridge the keyword targeting gap in their platform and run more effective ads.
Aki Balogh
Aki BaloghMakerHiring@akibalogh · Co-Founder, MarketMuse
Hi Everyone - I made this tool, working with @sbzhouhao and the @MarketMuseCo team. It uses a semantic artificial intelligence platform to analyze web content and generate related topics. We've been using it for content marketing, but turns out it's pretty useful for Twitter Ads targeting as well! The tool is a bit slow at the moment -- we have to build a conceptual model of your input -- so please be patient. Runtime should be between 20 - 30 seconds. API access is available to anyone who is interested. Let me know any feedback, would love to hear your thoughts on whether this is helpful for your Twitter keyword ads. Please post on here or feel free to email me directly at
Doron David
Doron David@dorondavid1 · COO, Agora
sounds awesome - excited to try it out!