Freestate - Travel Sneakers

Travel shoes have never looked this good.

Ultra-lightweight (8oz/227g) , fully breathable, water friendly, quick drying & unbelievably comfortable - with or without socks and in 8 colours.

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Hi everyone, we are so excited to show the PH community our new sneaker design. Please let us know your thoughts, feedback, favourite colours, where would you wear them - anything. The shoes are made to be worn, not packed, so you can wear them at the airport, by the pool, on the beach and even later in the club. Would you? Thanks in advance for your comments.
The guys at Ten Thousand Islands have done a great job with this sneaker - my favourite colours are white+navy. They are super comfy everyone πŸ˜‰

I can imagine these are amazing for travel. Light and multi-purpose. And they do have a style that fits many outfits.


They look super cool.