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Jake Wetton — Graphic Designer
I know what you're thinking... Another effing Stack,Collection/Resource site. I'm not going to sit here and tell you it's any different but we do pride ourselves on being just for Designers & Creatives with content and quality in mind.

Along with Resources to help with productivity and the standard chrome extensions that claim to change your life ( some do ) We've focussed more on aspects designers might be find useful like Help with Public Speaking, CV and Interview Tips, God-Like Designers to follow and ways to invoice and get paid your worth along with many more personal aspects that Freelance Designers will find helpful.

Shoutout to @Chipmunktheme for the Awesome theme and to everyone at PH who could make this Hunt possible today.

If we can just help or improve the work ethics, techniques or even mindset of just a handful of designers, then we've done what we've set out to do.

Stay Classy,
Piotr Kulpiński — Full Stack Developer, maker of Chipmunk
@graphicartwork @chipmunktheme Thanks Jake for the shoutout! Even though we've seen similar products launched already, I think this one will definitely be useful to designers & creatives looking to upgrade their workflows with new tools. cc @janwennesland

PS. In case anyone's interested, the theme is still available for purchase here:
Jan Wennesland — Digital designer
@graphicartwork really nice skinning! Great work 👌🏻
Jake Wetton — Graphic Designer
@janwennesland The structure is so nice to work with! Can't wait for the next updates to it.
Ewolt — EWO
@graphicartwork @chipmunktheme Nice structure... great work!!
Andrew Richard — Software Engineer and Machine learning
I wonder when someone will make a curated list of tools for BackEnd Developers.....
Andrew Richard — Software Engineer and Machine learning
@alex_kaul love it, Thanks
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