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@designhuntuk · Free Tools & Resources for Designers
super sorry to anyone that had errors over the weekend! We had a sneaky pirate fire some DDOS at us from a far away island (not saying whom) but all should be ok now! Let us know if you have any further issues. lovelove
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Jake Wetton
@graphicartwork · Graphic Designer
I know what you're thinking... Another effing Stack,Collection/Resource site. I'm not going to sit here and tell you it's any different but we do pride ourselves on being just for Designers & Creatives with content and quality in mind. Along with Resources to help with productivity and the standard chrome extensions that claim to change your life ( some… See more
Andrew Richard
@basictechy · Software Engineer and Machine learning
I wonder when someone will make a curated list of tools for BackEnd Developers.....
Sam Dickie
@thisdickie · Product Manager & Founder @nocode.tech
Congratulations! Great looking site with some fantastic resources. 👌🏻
Tigran Hakobyan
@tigranhakobian · Entrepreneur, Co-founder/CMO @ inapptics
Great job @graphicartwork and @piotrkulpinski :) I think it would be helpful to add a section for UX and analytics as well, including tools like Inapptics, Mixpanel, UXCam, Heap and others.
Andrew Richard
@basictechy · Software Engineer and Machine learning
Nice, I love it