Mobile app for autonomous drone cinematography

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Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
@andyputch - would love to hear about the development process and story for FreeSkies :)
Andy Putch
Andy PutchMaker@andyputch · CEO & Cofounder at FreeSkies
@bentossell Thanks for the access! At FreeSkies, our vision is to make aerial data collection simple and accessible to everyone. In essence, we aim to democratize drones. We believe that drones are incredibly powerful tools but they are faced with a multitude of problems that for the most part are not technological in nature, they’re human. It’s about the simplicity and the user experience. The CoPilot mobile app leverages 3D maps for extremely simple and intuitive path planning. By connecting it to our web portal, users can manage and easily share their content while also gaining access to more complex path planning and post processing tools (still in development). In the FreeSkies ecosystem, users can join a services marketplace, find project management tools, and CRM, allowing us to provide the best user experience from planning to processing to delivery.
Eddie Wharton
Eddie WhartonHunter@eawharton · Data Scientist, Dinner Lab
I personally dont have a drone. Part of the reason is that I would need to learn a lot skills just to use it. I have seen professional photographers and friends make incredible videos using drones. The process always intimidated me and the end product always impressed me. Maybe this will let people focus on the creativity and fun of drones without needing to learn so many skills all at once.
Andy Putch
Andy PutchMaker@andyputch · CEO & Cofounder at FreeSkies
Hello ProductHunt! As a thank you to this amazing community we want to include you all in our Free Trial program. If you are a DJI Phantom 3 or Inspire 1 owner and you would like to try the FreeSkies CoPilot until Dec 3rd, please enter you email in the signup form here and we'll shoot you an invitation ASAP.
Ali Afridi
Ali Afridi@alikafridi · Building Products
Congrats on the launch @andyputch & @jmulakala! Now I really wish I had a drone to test this on