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Freesist is a community for service providers helping each other for free! Find the skills you need, and help others with your talents.. all without spending a dime. I'm happy to introduce you to Freesist finds you people that will help you get things done without spending a penny (Really, NO CHARGE!)... Logo Designers, Content Writers, Web programmers, Engineers, Business Consultants, Voice overs and many more. I Founded Freesist because of my own struggle as a young entrepreneur trying to start my own business. I always wished to find a place where i can get the help of other people to accomplish different tasks i couldn't afford, and in return offer my help. You can find me on the platform and ask for my help using any of my mentioned skills. If you like, Upvote it and USE IT! Enjoy Guys!
@basilfarraj hey. I've just signed up. I like the idea. One thing I would suggest would be to put the personal profiles outside of authentication so that non-users can browse without having to feel that they have to commit first. Just an idea.
@anglebalancing Hey Peter. Thanks for your feedback! I'm not sure i'm following, because guest users can browse without signing up. What did i miss ? :-)
What a nice idea! I like this. Remember when I began an idea about building a shopping website, I faced so many problems such as design logo, marketing or something like that. Just a solo founder I had to work at all. I think if I found the site like this as soon as, maybe I did all well and save my time so much. Big like from Japan !
@frank_lee Thanks Frank! This is the reason why we started Freesist. For people like you and me! Share us in Japan so others can benefit from Freesist :-)