Free raffles service with content, created by users

It's easy! Just create a raffle with your item, then users will collect the needed amount of FREE tickets for your raffle, depending on the price. We will then select a random winner and you will get payed.

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Ok guys, here is a thing: this is a winner of Product Hunt Meetup in Minsk and we're so excited about the product! We are trying to create a strong PH community in Belarus and it's impossible without your help! Feel free to ping me if you need more details;)
I've run a lot of sweepstakes and contests in my career... the legality of doing them is confusing, but strict, here in the U.S. I would change the copy from "lottery" to "sweepstakes" and then consult a lawyer to ensure everything is being covered correctly –– e.g. odds of winning are declared (if you don't know, it gets covered by generic copy like "odds of winning are dependent upon number of entries"), alternate method of entries, winner disclosure, and on and on. Reasons to change from "lottery" to "sweepstakes" (in U.S.): (1) Lotteries imply a monetary investment by the participant and are almost always run by the government. If you're running a private lottery, 99% of the time it's illegal. (2) Sweepstakes –– which is what this product does, as it's described –– require no monetary investment by participants. There are a few other qualifying characteristics that separate sweepstakes from lotteries, but the bottom line is: remove the word "lottery" and triple check with a U.S. lawyer :)
@mattholsinger thanks for your advice. Here on PH we had the only word "Lottery" :) Now it's removed. In app we use "Raffles". We are working close with our lawyers and we will talk with a U.S. lawyer asap. And also our tickets are free. Thanks again!
Hi! I’m co-founder of the project. We have created this project to help people receive free goods, because not all people can buy everything in a moment. We are guarantors of all deals, so you can safely publish your goods as a raffle and you will get payed after it’s finished. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me.
Hi! We are so glad to be here as the winner. We’ve spent a lot of time developing this app and hope you’ll like it. Together we’ll change the world of shopping. I’m co-founder and developer of the app. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions :) Welcome to the new generation shopping!
I think your description is misleading Oleg @oleg_bychkovsky You say "We have created this project to help people receive free goods...". It is not free. It is a lottery. Many people buy tickets - only one wins. Also, in many jurisdictions, a licence will be required for a raffle or lottery. I am not sure how you get around this.
@ravsydney Dear Ravi, Our tickets are totally free. We do not take any money for tickets from users. Based on this I can say with 100% certainty that there is no need in any license.