Plagiarism scanner that detects plagiarism in your text.

We aim to provide the best online plagiarism checker, able to detect plagiarism in your essays, research papers, website articles or posts. Our team has created outstanding plagiarism detector software which will guarantee you, 100%, that your work is unique.
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Request for product: This but for tweets. ๐Ÿ˜Š
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Do you guys have an api? Perhaps if I want to integrate this into another site. Have a provision for that?
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@yole_c_odior We are working on the public version of our API, and will launch it soon.
Nice! Always wondered how products like this worked.
@aaronoleary artificial intelligence
@viktor_zahov Yeah thought that, meant more specifics

Very intuitive to use. Work very fast and correct!


Very nice tool!


Easy to use

What's the difference between this app and copyscape?