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Hey guys, I'm here to answer questions.
I've been a beta user of Freemit for a while and from a pure user's perspective, I think it has real potential. The payments space is very crowded, but @johnbiggs and his team have done a very nice job. John - I know your perspective on payments and the future of Freemit - it would be great if you'd share it here.
@jkarp hey Josh. Thanks for coming on early. We are of a mind that bitcoin is about to become just like the Internet - massively important and, for many, hidden behind the scenes. Money is a message and we intend to use all of the tools available to make it travel as seemingly effortlessly as a tcp/ip packet. It's a massive job but I love the challenge and it's important to me as a maker and bitcoin fanatic.
So this is a huge problem. I wire money internationally frequently (4x a month). How does someone say in Finland and Pakistan pick up the money? The site seems pretty light on implementation details.
@randallb we can't go into too many details now but we are working hard to supply all countries on a very large list. Give us a bit of time.
@johnbiggs I love what you guys are doing. Can't wait to try this!
@randallb I can't wait to use Freemit! I have used TransferWise for payments within Europe, but it sounds like Freemit should have broader coverage.
I am one of the early adopters. Looking forward to use it on regular basis.
Cool idea John. Best of luck!!