Challenge your friend and step out of your comfort zone!

High level description: The website (FMT) is a free two player game for best friends that helps you know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses in real life. The game is available in English, Ukrainian and Russian languages and you can play it on any web browser, including mobile ones. Also, the game has a notification system and a chat for instant messages.
Hi, Thanks @chrismessina for the hunt! My brother and I have created this free two-player game to challenge each other in the real life =) How it works? In short, you create a game and select a skill set (zone) that you want to improve. Then you invite your friend to connect the game. After that you start creating private challenges for each other according to selected zones. When all challenges are done by both players, the game is ended. You are a winner if you have more successful challenges than your friend. Happy to answer anyone's questions about the game.
I absolutely love the idea. I want to see this polished. Maybe there should be a "solo mode" for people who want to experiment with this before pitching it to a friend (or would prefer to just do it by themselves)? I definitely see the value in trying to get people to do it with a friend, and I think your app does a great job of inviting people to try that, but maybe it doesn't need to be mandatory. And maybe more people would end up doing it with a friend if they were able to do alone first. Also, I noticed that some of the writing unnecessarily assumes that a person is male. For example, one of the example tasks is "Make a man that I will choose laugh." In that case, it doesn't assume that the reader is male, but it still sticks out because there's no evident reason for it to be a man. It's probably an innocent oversight, but until the writing is fixed, it will probably reduce the number of female users. And as a male, I can say that I'm definitely less inclined to recommend trying it with my girlfriend (which is who I had been thinking of at first) or any female friends, so it ended up losing me too. But I trust it's temporary since it's such an easy fix, and I'm already rooting for you, so it'll be easy to earn me back, haha. Like I said at the beginning, I really like what you're making here. I hope that you continue to work on this indefinitely! :)
@rockettestpilot Thanks, I'm glad you like it. Yes, you are right, we plan to create 1-player mode. It's one of the direction of future development that we've defined in our crowdfunding campaign - Good point! I've just fixed it -> "Make a person that I will choose laugh." Yes, we plan to continue working on it. I'm not sure if indefinitely =) but, definitely, in the future =)