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#5 Product of the DayAugust 13, 2015

Freeletics is the app that will get you in a better shape not only physically but mentally too. It will make you a plan for training depending on your availability, your space and your workout level. it will evaluate you after every one of your workouts, so you can set goals and most of all, achieve them.

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I'm a Freeletics user since February 2013. I've been fascinated with their launch strategy from the beginning on. They started out with a simple newsletter that suggested weekly workout schedules, which they turned into PDF 15-weeks guides to figure out if people are willing to pay. By building strong local communities beforehand, they were able to turn these PDFs into more than half a million € of revenue: money they used to build apps for iOS and Android. Many of their product decisions seem very thorough (2x2m workouts, ghost mode, beat your last time) and I believe they will be a strong player in the global fitness market soon. Way to go, guys!
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Hey, I am Pierre, VP Marketing at Freeletics. Really glad to be featured on Product Hunt. I will get some of the team involved here. We are really looking forward to your feedback, comments and questions. Feel free to ask us anything.
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@praktikant will there be an Apple watch version?
@mossibat @praktikant We already did do a hackathon for the watch but we are waiting for the new OS update by Apple to provide a better experience.
Hi, I'm Mehmet, Co-Founder of Freeletics. Thanks @_shahedk for sharing. As @einkoenig mentioned, we started out in Munich in 2013, completely bootstrapped, but fueled by our amazing community and the personal development of each user. I am really keen to get your Feedback. ✌🏼
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@memo_my Looks really well designed. Just installed it!
@memo_my cool product. I just downloaded it the other day but haven't started using it yet. I really must! Let's have lunch some time. :)
hi guys, I'm Andrej, co-founder of Freeletics. thrilled to see Freeletics on Product Hunt. thanks for sharing @_shahedk! As @memo_my mentioned before - we are a bootstrapped startup founded in munich, germany in 2013. we are a team of 80 highly motivated and smart people, have 6 million registered users in our community and are growing fast. our vision is to help everybody in the world unfold their physical and mental potentials and become the strongest version of themselves. Our community is gathered around our digital product, an motivating app with short highly effective workouts that can be done anywhere, anytime. To get a feeling for the Freeletics training experience just go to youtube and tipe in "Freeletics", there are lots of people posting videos of their achievements. Some of the videos have 7-8 million clicks. :-) let us know what your thoughts are. looking forward to your feedback!
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So glad to see this here. Freeletics is my number #1 favorite workout app. I've been using it for 4 months. The workouts are really challenging, just try one and you'll instantly feel this is the most effective one ever after the end of the workout. There're loads of workouts to do in Freeletics, each time you perform a workout, you will be trying to beat your last personal best, so the workouts never gets easier (which is a good thing to keep you challenged all the time). The best part about Freeletics compared to other workout apps is that Freeletics have an active community you can get inspired by. Last but not least you'll see your body transform after 15 or more weeks of working out with Freeletics. The results are real.
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